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July 27, 2006

Blog Promotion: Social Tagging & Social Bookmarking (Part 1 of 3)

By Li Evans

In my recent searches on the internet on blog promotion tools, I’ve yet to find an up-to-date true listing of the different tools that can help bloggers in promoting their blogs. Whether it’s an individual or a corporate blog, just because you build it, you write in it and you keep it up to date, does not mean that the traffic will come.

There are actually a lot of different facets of promotion for blogs, and taking the time to understand and research which ones are right for promoting your blog is essential. From the social networking of de.licio.us and digg, to the traffic promotion of Blogazoo, knowing what will bring the readers to your blog is essential.

Knowing the goal of your blog is even more important. Do you want to make money, give advice, promote a product or brand, or are you just blogging for fun? Each one of those reasons can take you on a different path when marketing your blog in the search realm. For example, if you are blogging news stories, making sure that your postings are in digg, is a vital component to having your stories found on the internet, whereas if you are blogging just for fun, digg, might not be the best route to go.


So with that in mind, this will be a 3 part series discussing the different ways of search marketing promotion of blogs. I’ll take different types of blog promotion, discuss it on a high level and then provide some resources. First I’ll tackle blog promotion by social tagging and social bookmarking, then move on to blog promotion with traffic generator sites, and then finally wrap it up with blog promotion with rss feed providers and blog directories. 

So without further adieu, let’s get started. 

Blog Promotion by Social Tagging and Social Bookmarking
On a high level, social tagging and social book marking can help generate interest in your blog by assisting you to market it to other members of each specific community. Generally, there really isn’t a whole lot of SEO (search optimization) value in these sites, unless you have a lot of people bookmarking, “digging” or “dotting” – and by then, your blog is probably rather popular. 

If you are just starting out with your blog and you are looking to spread the word, beyond your immediate realm of family and friends, social tagging and social bookmarking are a nice place to start. In a small sort of way it’s almost viral marketing on a very small, very limited scale, in that one person finds your bookmarks, reads them, adds it to their own bookmarks/tag list and then their friend does the same. 

Although there are many different sites out there, they are all based on the same premise of “sharing” information with your friends and the active community in which you are bookmarking. Each site has its own special features and assets, so take some time and figure out if one or many will work for the purpose of your blog and what you are focusing your entries or articles on. 

De.licio.us - The world of social networking recently jumped into the limelight when Yahoo! bought the social tagging company de.licio.us. With de.licio.us, you can bookmark blog posts, and then share them with your family, friends and the general public. The catch with the bookmarks is that you add what you feel is the important “tag” (keyword) to the url. Once your bookmark is in the system and its being shared, it will then be placed with other bookmarks related to the keywords you’ve tagged it with, allowing others to find the links and save them as well. 

Tagworld – If your blog is about your music and you are trying to get your name out there, then Tagworld is a definite stop for you. This social networking site, caters to musicians, although it is not limited to them. The site in itself is very reminiscent of mySpace, but combines the blogging with tagging and social networking. For those of you keeping up on entertainment news Tagworld’s most notable recognition as of late is the promotion of the movie “Snakes on a Plane”. 

Wists – Another social tagging website, very similar to de.licio.us, however the focus on the site seems to lean heavily towards retail commerce. There are a couple of “added” touches to this website, one being the addition of images in relation to to the bookmark created, the other is a toolbar option that you can instantly created bookmarks with. Although not as popular or as well known as de.licio.us, Wists is a nice alternative with some added features that search marketers can put to good use. 

Bluedot – Social tagging that has a “Dig” familiarity to it. I doubt it was intentional, but upon first looking around, that was my initial thought. Then I “dug” a little deeper into the site, and was pleasantly surprised at the ease of use with this website, along with the level of personalization. This site actually goes a bit further in personalization and promoting “friends” and their uses of bluedot. A nice touch to this social tagging site, is the “tagging suggestions” where the system will automatically give you suggestions for tag on you “Dots”. 

Digg – Got a story on your blog that you want to promote? Well then get it “dugg” on dig. Much like de.licio.us, you submit your url, however, there is no tagging involved. I like to term this as “Social Bookmarking”, since it closely resembles the tagging environment and helps to promote blogs and news stories by still allowing users to bookmark(in a round about way)for others to read. Stories are submitted by users and then put into “upcoming” stories and are then voted on by community members. The more “diggs", the longer your story stays in circulation, and the higher up in the listings it climbs. Of course the added benefit is the traffic the story brings to your blog. 

Next blog post will be on blog promotion with traffic generating sites.


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