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August 01, 2006

Blog Promotion: Traffic Generators (Part 2 of 3)

By Li Evans

This is a second in a 3 part series on some basics in Blog Promotion. In the last segment, social tagging and social bookmarking was addressed. In this segment, traffic generation for blogs is the subject, however, since publishing the prior article, there was one more social bookmarking/tagging site that just launch, that should be added to your arsenal of promotion tools.

Diigo – Diigo is an acronym for “Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other Stuff” and works along the same lines as de.licio.us. In fact you can import your de.licio.us tags in Diigo, as well as your browser bookmarks. Diigo also has a nice toolbar which you can install that will help you organize, manage and promote your bookmarks. There’s a lot of similarity between Diigo and de.licio.us in how the two services operate, but enough additions to Diigo to make it stand apart and a bit higher. 

Now, lets take a look at blog traffic generators. Just what are blog traffic generators, was my first question when I started looking into the different ways to promote blogs through search marketing. Blog traffic generators are websites that provide special services that drive traffic to your blog. This is done either through visiting additional blogs within the services network or by link swapping with other blogs within the services network. 

Each of these services requires you to have an account with the service and usually assigns you credits as you visit other blogs or acquire links into your link swapping list. The more “credits” you earn, the more prominent your website becomes in the services. Some services even allow you to add multiple blogs and then “assign” your credits to your blogs by percentages, thereby helping you to promote one blog more than the other throughout the service. 

The most common traffic generators are the “you view a bunch of blogs, you get credits, your blog gets shown too” type of service. You view the blogs within the service’s frame work for usually a 20 second minimum viewing time; generally you have to enter some kind of number or code to proceed to the next blog. For each blog you legitimately view, you accrue “points” or “credits”. 

Blog Traffic Generator Services
– Traffic generator that works on the premise of you viewing others blogs, you then accumulate points for each view. The more points you accumulate the more it helps to boost your own blogs distribution in views throughout the service’s network. 

BlogFlux -  Another traffic generating site based on the “you view mine, I view yours” and point accumulation system. Bloggflux is a little more picky about the sites that it allows into its network. If you just started your blog yesterday, forget about submitting to Bloggflux. To quote their Rules of Submission “If your blog is new: Because of the large amounts of spam we receive, your blog must be 7 days old and have a minimum of 5 posts. It sounds draconian, but this rule is an unfortunate side effect of spammers. Hate them, not us (please)!” 

BlogMad – Like the two above, it works on the viewing/points accruing system, however, you are only allowed two blogs and “if you have more you better earn them”. At first I found this system a bit frustrating in trying to activate my blog within its system. I first tried the username and password system it has in conjunction with Moveable Type/TypePad and it kept giving me a “denied” error and then I went to the linking version, neither were working, so I submitted an email through their help system and within about an hour, the blog was activated and I actually started seeing traffic coming in from the service.

Once I got past that initial frustration, I found that it’s a rather nice service that even allows you to buy text links or banner ads from their service. You can also promote the service and gain some points by having a link to BlogMad in your own blog, they even provide some funky banners and graphics that are quite eye catching. 

BlogExplosion – Like the previously mentioned service, BlogExplosion works on the same premise. The nice this about BlogExplosion is that you can have multiple blogs listed (all must be admin approved after they are submitted), but you can then choose how to assign the credits you earn towards the blogs you have listed with the service.

The one stipulation that stands out for this service is that its not for “websites” it is for blogs only, and from what I can surmise, each submission is checked that it is an actual blog, not a “spam” site trolling for traffic. From their submission page: “Your site must be somehow related to blogging or provide a relevant service to bloggers like blog hosting, blog templates, blog resource sites, blog search engines, blog software etc. Any site that we feel is not pertinent to blogging will not be approved”. 

BlogLinker – This service works on the premise of link swapping, where in you have a list of links you post within your own blog or on their service and thereby gain points to help promote your own blog. I didn’t get into this service very deep as I found it even more frustrating than BlogMad at first because it says it’s sending a verification email – and no email ever shows up. But, the service still allows you to set everything up and it seems to begin working even w/o that verification email. 

If you have the time to dedicate to using the traffic generator services, the services listed here can definitely benefit your blog in the way of traffic. The one thing a blogger needs to realize in using these services is that, even though its “free” to sign up, the “cost” is your own time that you need to spend browsing other bloggers’ blogs. The more time you can dedicate, the more traffic you can generate towards your own blog. 

Next up, blog promotion with rss feed providers and blog directories. I’ll be taking a look at services like feedburner, technorati, blog directories, ping services as well as forums that can help bloggers to promote their blogs within search marketing.


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