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October 18, 2006


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I am surprised I have not heard any more "grumpy" people out there who have had to deal with ASK.com on this issue, as well as the horrific steps that have to be done just to qualify and setup an account.

For example, now I have to send them an excel file of keywords (like a typical excel export of all terms) What???? Then I am told this: "We will then decide on a monthly budget for the IO" What the hell are they talking about "we will decide" I mean, doesn't the advertiser have full control about how much they are willing to spend?

As an (SEM) Search Marketing Geek who has been doing this since like 1998, why are they making it ridiculously difficult.
Have they not learned from their PPC competitors/pioneers such as Yahoo Search (aka. goto.com, overture.com) as well as Google, and even MSN at this point? Do they want to make money for their investors or anyone who has a stake in the business?

I cannot even think of a politically correct analogy for this.

Anyone else wanna "chime-in" on a good analogy for such poor business/sales?

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