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October 31, 2006

Matt Cutts - Spam Fighter, Zombie and the MC?

By Li Evans

Matt Cutts is Everywhere
Mattcuttssilentbob Matt is the Spam Prevention Guru over at Google, he's even got groupies who have been dubbed "Cuttlets."  Matt's also a fan of Halloween, last year he went as the character Inigo Montoya (middle guy in picture) from the movie The Princess Bride.

This year Matt's taken his Halloween fun and added a little "Search Engine" flavor to his costume.  Take a look at Matt's rather good impression of the "Jeeves Zombie".  Who does your makeup Matt!? :)

Anyway.... I digress, just a little, there is another reason for this humorous post about Matt.  You see, everywhere I searched today  there was Matt.  I was image searching today.  Crusing pictures in relation to certain terms combined with SEO or Search.... inevitably Matt turned up somewhere in the results, not just a few, but everywhere! (BTW, Cartoon Barry came up too) This was happening so often I was just waiting for Matt to appear before me and ask my if my results were "spammy".

Then I found out what Matt does in his free time.

No, he doesn't sword fight.  No, he doesn't go to werewolf vs. unicorn matches.  No, he doesn't have coffee with this dude who claims to be his supposid evil twin.  Alright, I know you are all waiting.... Matt is really "MC Matt Cutts"!  Really I don't know what's more funny, the page that hosts "In Da Plex" or the song itself, I just know that someone must've known I needed a good laugh while doing all that research today and graced me with the MC Matt Cutts link.

Mattcuttscartoon_1 I also stumbled across this cartoon version of Matt, but it's from a German Blog.  I can understand very little German, so I don't know what they are saying about him there.  Could he be a beer meister?  Maybe he looks as good in lederhosen as Danny Sullivan?  I really don't know.... and after searching so much in image search today for a project I'm putting together, I'm afraid to search anymore!  :)

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