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October 20, 2006


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Just when Edelman thought it was safe to duck out of their foxhole, they make the front page of CNN with more "flogging" for Walmart. Wonder how fast they'll make Technorati's #1 spot again? [Read More]


I had no idea until I read your post that it was on the home page.

Call Goes Out for Edelman and Rubel to Resign


NEW YORK – Popular PR industry trade journal Strumpette today declared Richard Edelman and Steve Rubel to be “enemies of the blogosphere,” and demanded their immediate resignations.

“To live up to its premise, to fulfill its promise, the Me2Revolution must be prepared from time to time to correct its course,” declared Amanda Chapel, managing editor of Strumpette. “Richard Edelman and Steve Rubel have committed numerous acts of abject betrayal that, under any revolution worth the name, would have resulted in their execution in the public square. Edelman and Rubel hurt us, hurt blogging, and hurt PR as a whole."

Their offenses primarily revolve around Edelman PR’s increasingly disastrous representation of the discount retailer Wal-Mart. Within the past year alone, Edelman has:

• Engaged in secretive dialogues with carefully selected bloggers with the intention of slipping uncredited, Wal-Mart-approved spin into their seemingly spontaneous utterings;
• Offered unspecified emoluments to a consumers’ right website in return for their agreement to “stop writing about our companies," including Wal-Mart;
• Surreptitiously sponsored a blog by two seemingly ordinary Americans of their vacation tour of Wal-Mart’s parking lots, neither of whom disclosed their ties to Edelman.

“Where I come from, three strikes and you’re out,” Chapel said. "This is not going to stop until they are removed."


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