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October 22, 2006


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"People make mistakes?"! Apparently, Edelman's PR-ing this thing has had its intended effect. That's too bad.

Here, this is what should happen. Edelman needs to:

- suspend ALL blog related activity until you can ensure that best practices have been fully and publicly vetted;

- hire an independent investigator and/or audit firm to vet this event in total and publicly;

- fire those responsible no matter how high up that goes.

As I told Richard Edelman, excuse me but these things are NOT going to happen. If they were for real, they would. They’re NOT!

Listen, the key to PR is 3rd party endorsement. In the blogosphere, there is no 3rd party! As such, “influence” and “strategy” will always be surreptitious. Forgive them lightly and you are complicit, and a party to the next incident.


- Amanda Chapel

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