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October 27, 2006

You Can Ask on Google, But Not Google On Ask

By Li Evans

Askmeaning Yes, a bit confusing ... all this Googling, Asking, & Yahooing, a Search Marketer can get confused!  Imagine then the average "Joe" who doesn't even realize a search engine is a search engine - they think it's a "white box on a page were I type in and 'Get Lucky'!"  (True quote from a friend of mine - I kid you not)

I had a bit of a chuckle this morning reading Ask's blog post, taking a slight humorous jab at Google's blog post which they give the "proper" way to use the term "Google".  Update - Jeremy Zawodny over at Yahoo! is also letting us know we are "welcome to google on Yahoo!".  Over the last few weeks the old "Googling" meaning has reared its head as an issue again, when news of Googles "Legal Letters" came from a Washington Post journalist among others letting readers know they were "chastised" by Google for improperly using their company name.  The tongues waggled as if this was somthing new, but Danny Sullivan pointed out this usually resurfaces every three years.

I can understand Google's concerns, and sending out letters and writing blog posts will educate the "professionals," I guess that they are hoping for the trickle down effect.  Good Luck!  Yesterday I was in line at the WaWa (convience store like 7-11) waiting to pay for my gas and I heard this woman say to this man "Why don't you 'Google' it,  ya know look it up on those search places on the web, like that Yahoo or Google place.  I saw a commercial about it."

It made me think immediately about this whole bit about the Google letters and then about the impact of the commercials the search engines are running.  I think Google's got to do a lot more than send out letters and make blog posts about how to properly use their name to stop the avery "Joe" from using it improperly.  Maybe Google should run commercials too?

Thanks for the chuckle this morning Ask! And Google - I do "Google" on Google and Ask on Ask.com! :)

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