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November 12, 2006


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Found your blog while doing some googling re: customer service at various companies. Unfortunately, the incident that you describe, and that others I've found about Radioshack have become far too common in the last 2 to 3 years. As an x DM with many years of past experience, I can tell you without reservation that the company is in DEEP trouble. Years ago, it was pretty much standard to recruit managers with college degrees. The pay plans were decent and managers made a decent living, as did their associates. Then in about 2000 or so, the upper management started screwing with the pay plan structure. And they kept screwing with it, averaging about every 18-24 months. And every time, the incomes DECREASED, not increased as was told and represented to my people. Enter then the class action lawsuits over overtime pay. I have to admit, the managers were getting SCREWED and royally. I knew it, they knew it, and Ft. Worth knew it. But Ft. Worth didn't care. That's why they had to finally end up and settle for millions.

Then in order to make back that money, they again screwed the payplans. Enter into it the coming of the Day. Suddenly anyone who had over 15 years experience with the company was targeted. They were suddenly too expensive. The company shifted their focus to cell phones. If your store don't sell enough + all the accessories, you are OUT. Assocates are barely averaging min. wage and managers' wages are not much better. The company requires the managers to work 50+ hours; they have NO say over inventory ordering (it's done completely by computer out of FW); they have no say over scheduling hours (again done by a computer program). Since inventory is completely controlled by Ft. Worth, there is no discrection for individual managers to gear their stores to their particular clients. Reordering hot items in response to times like Black Friday is no longer an option. This year alone, stores were constantly out of advertized items simply because the managers weren't allowed to order what they needed.

Our "job fairs" are basically a joke. We no longer can attract college grads because, quite frankly, we can't pay a decent wage anymore. Long term people, people who had the knowledge of the products other than just cell phones, are being let go because the company doesn't want to pay them.

I'm not surprised your father encountered the problem he did. The current CEO and VP of Store Ops aren't concerend with customer service. They're only concerend with cell phone sales. The assocates aren't being properly trained in what the stores really have to offer; hense, they don't know their head from their hole in the ground. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for.

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