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December 08, 2006

Controversy In HatBait Land

By Li Evans

Apparently, I've upset Chris Hooley with my HatBait fun, for that I deeply apologize.  Some people have come up to him and said I cheapened and made his "DrinkBait" spammy.

I will admit, the name I idea I took from him.  Its easy to remember and it explains it exactly as it is.  For anyone else who'd like to know I also own SESHatProject.com and HatProject.com, because I had this idea which I thought would be FUN, I wanted something to make it easy to remember, and bounced the names off my coworkers and HatBait won.

There was no "spam" intended, there was no "copying" intended, and if people wanted to link to what I did - GREAT!  I did not ask for anything in return accept a business card so I can actually link back to  that person's blog or company.  I'm also offering up the chance to win a Gift Certificate in exchange.

I was also hoping it would help to build some steam for Chris' next fun and exciting idea - whatever that would be.  Unfortunately he did not see it that way because of the messages he got.  I guess people will be people - there was no harm intended, in fact I was only hoping to do good for Chris in the end.

By approaching everyone - not just the "well known folks", I wanted to make more people aware of the great ideas Chris comes up with.  The hats - were not his idea (if you know Chris, hats just aren't his thing) - they were mine, the contest was mine, linking back to folks was mine.  The concept - was totally and undeniable Chris Hooley's, the guy is a great out of the box thinker.  I just modified the idea to try and include everyone else and put a different spin on it to make it fun for everyone.

So, for the concept of HatBait, please thank Chris Hooley.  And again, Chris, I apologize and hope you continue with your crazy fun ideas.


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Some people have come up to him and said I cheapened and made his "DrinkBait" spammy.

Some people need to get a life. Please. Can't we just have fun?

I think it's great that you asked anyone and everyone, not just the A-listers. Hats off to you, Li, for making Chicago more fun than I expected it to be. (pun fully intended....)

I thought Hatbait was a brilliant icebreaker in a large group setting that permitted everyone a chance to meet and have fun together, on equal ground. Arguing over whose idea the original one was isn't making sense to me, coming from marketing industry people.

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