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December 15, 2006


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» Charity Tag Meme from Thought Leadership
As a blogger, people may know you, but how good does anyone ever really know anyone? One way to get to know someone better is for them to talk about charities they support. What if bloggers were to go down a path of thinking about some of the peo ...... [Read More]



Interested in Pirates? This might be of interest to you. It's from an American History textbook used in high schools in 1899. The site is designed to be browsed and no subject/topic is ever more than two clicks away.

Hey, Li - thanks for the tag. Answered!

Quit exaggerating! Six broken arms, come on everyone knows people only have 2 arms so how could you have broken 6 arms? Do you think we're stupid? Like okay I ate so much the other day I had 2 upset stomachs or I worked so hard I had 3 headaches. It just doesn't make sense. What, am I supposed to have 2 brains to figure this out?

Great stuff "Tech Chic" Li. You are gonna do great in the 5k! Congratulations on your personal progress, you should be proud :).

--> Rick - thanks for that link! the stuff looks fascinating!

--> David - first :P~~ second - I'm now forced to reveal my secret, I'm really that hindu godess of fertility that has 8 arms, so now you know ;)

--> cctech - THANKS! I'm working on it, sometimes my knees complain, but I'm pluggin' away! :)

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