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December 13, 2006

HatBait - All For Fun, & Fun For All - We Have a Winner

By Li Evans

So after some later day votes came in, we have a winner who pulled ahead out of the 3 man race.  *Drum Rolls*

Karl Ribas with 18 votes!

I don't know how many of you know Karl, I didn't before Chicago SES, but I'm very delighted to have met him.  Karl works for allWebPromotion, and his boss Michael Reobuck is most responsible for him winning Hatbait.  Michael sent out the link to both employees and clients and encouraged them to help Karl out by voting for him.

I got to talking to Karl while at SES over the few days we were there, he's got this pretty neat blog you should all check out, he calls it the "Klog" blog.  Like those garden gnomes that go traveling and get pictures taken lots of places - the Klog does the same.  It's pretty neat to see the where the Klog's been!

I also have a quote from him .... one I got a chuckle out of.  Karl noticed who all voted for him and said this "Oh… there’s one from Lisa Barone! wooohhhiiieee!"

We had a great runner up - Neil Patel (the princess), the SMO Guru from Crazy Egg and Pronet Advertising, but I have a really special post coming up a little later on just for him.  He was just so cute with that crown and light up wand!

I'll be doing a wrap up post about all this.  There's been controversy, but I hope above all everyone had FUN with this, that was the point - FUN.  The hats were silly for a purpose - not only did it get a conversation started with each and every one of you, but it made people have a bit of fun in a really silly way and everyone one needs to be silly once and a while!  Again - congrats to Karl!!

And go learn more about him at his blog! :)


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Way to go Karl!! I'd still like an explanation to why my wife voted for you and not me!

We need more fun stuff on the net. Thanks for giving us the ability to have fun and get away from work for a while. What's your next contest??

Hey Mike - thanks for all the work you did getting folks from your office and clients involved. It made this a lot more fun than I ever imagined! :)

Not sure what I'll do next (if anything). We'll have to wait and see - likely be something fun for everyone if I do!

It was also so great to meet you too!

Congrats mate

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