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December 09, 2006


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Number 6 baby, Neil Patel.

#3 Jeremy Shoemaker - Shoemoney.com

Cool hat!

#101 Cool hat!

My vote goes to Neil "princess" Patel.

A close second goes to Chris Boggs or oilman with a halo on.

Nice bait.

I vote for #6, the pretty princess :)

I don't see this guy with a number, but he definitely has the best pic:


Wait a second. I thought the guy that took the hat home won? LOL

My Vote is for Neil #6

Cameron, Todd, and Troy are close seconds.

My voting was based solely on who lasted longer on Wednesday night :). I'm pretty sure Neil could have pulled an all-nighter, He may only way 120 pounds but that guy is like the energizer bunny on steroids!

Jill - that was the band leader of the aphrodesiacs -- they played at the Yahoo! party. Didn't have an addie for him, so that's why I didn't include him in the voting ;)

No one can compete with Neil Patel so he gets my vote but it really should be #9 the only one smart enough to pull out of the contest.

I'm gonna have to vote for #32, Dan Thies...he's just sooo cute in his little coronet!

#1 - David Temple

Because it takes guts to be the first person to do this!

#91 Mike McDonald. I had such a good time meeting him and I love his picture!

I'm going to have to go with # 26 - Irma with the Russian style hat. But then again, I'm a bit biased. ;-)

#22 - Karl Ribas - Firefox Rules and I shouldn't vote for myself.

I vote #6 Neil Patel

Okay oxymoronic has to be Rebecca - she does not need the hat to look mischeviously elfish.

Most tortured.... me (the Frank Watson link) ... but that could be my third night of drinking.

66. Jason Dvjardin-Terrs - Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions


Hey Jason - Sorry about the name misspelling your last name! I tried to decipher your handwriting the best I could :)

I just fixed it to reflect how you spell it correctly!

So Jason what is the deal with the supposed fire at your datacenter

#21 Lisa Barone!

#82, Frank Watson - Is that a fish cow.

#22, Karl Ribas. Nothing says masculinity like (what looks more like) a bow on the head.

I vote for #22, Karl Ribas. Sweet Hat!

Karl Ribas....nice hats.

Go #22 - Karl Ribas! Definatley a winning combination of hats. :)

#22 - Karl Ribas (Thank for the votes everyone... Your checks are in the mail!).

Karl is a vote ahead of Neil so far as I can count!!!

#23 Justilien.

Can't believe I missed him at the conference! And that nose is just too good - makes a great accessory to the hat.

I vote for Caleb Chase (#64) -- he's Mooooorific.

#22 Karl Ribas!!

#66 The frisbee hat on Jason rocks!

Gotta go with Neil and his boo-ti-full fairy cap. :)

#77 - Chris "Silver" Smith, who looks like he just got back from a gig with "The Cure."

I gotta say #77 Chris Smith for the hairdo.

#77 - Chris "Silver" Smith

#76 - Vanessa Fox, for the Death t-shirt from the Sandman series, peeking above the Hatbait.com sign in her pic.

I vote for Neil 'the Peel' Patel.

Irony behind his pic is that he was wearing that get up when he showed up to the conference on Sunday night :)

#77 - Chris "Silver" Smith

Who looks like the enemy of 007...

#77 - Chris "Silver" Smith

I like number 64 Caleb Chase

i'm digging on both neil patel and aussiewebmaster -- nice pics of everyone tho. wish i was there...

Karl Ribas...


#77, Chris "Silvery" Smith of superpages.com, without a doubt! Love the hat!

Great hat!

Go #22 Karl! You da man.

#77 Chris Smith

AUSSIEWEBMASTER is the man! Yo, if the hatbait contest was my penis, and aussiewebmaster a 12 year-old boy...

#22 (Karl Ribas) is my pick! :)

Granted Neil Patel is funny. But I can't stop laughing when I see Frank Watson's photo - #14 is my vote.

#22 is my vote! Go Karl Ribas!!

Great fun Li. It's hard to decide - so many great shots, but Neil has the friendliest smile. My vote is with him. #6

I should vote for my husband but I'll vote for #22 Karl Ribas instead. Sorry Michael!

#22 (Karl Ribas) Thanks for all your help!

#22 Karl Ribas - AWESOME

#22 Karl Ribas - Better the Awesome!!

I vote for Karl Ribas #22

Go Karl....

I can't resist...

Neil Patel

#6 Neil Patel

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