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December 12, 2006

While His Wife Is Away, Matt... Debunks, Clarifies & Offers Apologies!

By Li Evans

Mattcuttscollectorcard Its no secret to the readers of this blog that I'm a Matt Cutts fan.  I don't consider myself a "Cuttlett" though (I don't have a T-shirt, and don't follow him around at the conferences).  I am just a fan of a guy who is trying to do right by webmasters, who speaks directly to us and also definitely tries to have fun with us, too.  Matt's really been on "debunking" duties this week while Mrs. Cutts is in Nebraska.  He has a series of posts debunking different things in the past week.

Last night I wrote about what I found on Jeremy's Zawodny's blog (later I found out it made it to the top of Techmeme).  It appears as if Google did copy the Yahoo!  Matt actually pointed out to me that he apologizes for Google's error in lack of originality (this too made it to Techmeme).  That was nice to see - Jeremy is a well respected individual and usually doesn't go on rants about Google.  I think that's why I paid so much attention to what he said about the page being copied, it was a rarity to see him go "off" about something at Google - Jeremy tends to say a lot of nice things about things going on at the Googleplex.

Matt also points out that Google's been copied in the way it displays AdSense and AdWords, by... *drum rolls*.... you guessed it, Yahoo!  He's got a series of screencaps showing how Adsense & AdWords first came out with pastels with a heavy border, then Yahoo! did.  Google changed to no pastels & borders, then Yahoo! followed suit.

I totally believe that Matt is sincere in his offered apology to Jeremy.  To all of us in the industry, Matt really seems like the "Voice of Google" (even more so than Brin, Paige, or Schmidt) since he takes the time to speak to us, explain things and clarify situations.  I encourage everyone who read Jeremy's post to go and read Matt's in order to give the situation a fair and balanced assessment before making any decisions.

Kudos to you Matt for meeting this "PR" snafu head on and for Google in changing that layout.  Also a shout out to Robert Scoble for prodding you on. :)


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