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December 24, 2006


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[Source: Search Marketing Gurus Search Marketing Tips, Advice, Strategies & Tactics From Internet Marketing Professionals] quoted: What happens when a story is published that mentions a "Google Killer", but only manages to get part of the facts ... [Read More]

» Wikiasari Mania - The Facts, The Myths & Hysteria! from
Check out the hysteria that ensued once the London Time assumed a lot of things wrong, along with TechCrunch about the new Wikia Search Engine coming in 2007. [Read More]

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Wow, tons of buzz over the weekend over a new search engine started by Jimmy Wales, founder of the Wikipedia. The new engine is to be named wikiasari. The story was broken on The Times in the UK, where it... [Read More]

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Founder of Wikipedia plans search engine to rival Google by The Times unveils a new search engine named Wikiasari. The new search engine has investment backing from Amazon and others of over $4 million in capital. The "exclusive screen capture" Techcru... [Read More]

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Jimmy Wales, the founder of wikipedia is launching a search engine powered by people. The new wikia search engine project is named Wikiasari and will apply crowd sourcing features to search engine results, letting individual users r... [Read More]

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Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, has announced that his for-profit company, Wikia Inc, will be launching an internet search engine to compete with Google and Yahoo!. According to the Times of London : Mr Wales has begun working on a [Read More]

» Wikiasari Mania - The Facts, The Myths & Hysteria! from
What happens when a story is published that mentions a "Google Killer", but only manages to get part of the facts right? Hysteria. This article help everyone make sense of this. [Read More]


Merry Christmas,
A new "people-powered" search engine is expected to be launched in the first quarter 2007. It is assumed that its name will not be WikiSearch nor Wikiasari. So what name should it be called? Now name guessing game starts!

hey thanks for that post, I only just recently read about it myself and blogged what I thought. I was still a bit undecided about it all and exactly what it meant but things are a little bit clearer now, thanks


I remember that. That was quite a riot. Thanks for clearing it up here. The Internet is the worst gossip chain there is.

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