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January 28, 2007


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference 2000 Bloggers' Tino Buntic Explains The 2000 Bloggers Project:

» Join the 2000 Bloggers Project from Quick Online Tips
Are you one of the 2000 bloggers buzzing around the blogosphere? Tino Buntic wants to link to 2000 bloggers on a page. As per latest counts, over 1000 faces of bloggers are already on the photo collage. You can join 2000 bloggers too. Steven Aitchison ... [Read More]

» This blog from one of "2000 bloggers" from Notes from a Sustainopreneur | on Sustainability Entrepreneurship
Some two weeks ago, Jack Yan was pointing me to an initiative named 2000 bloggers. It was starting out as an initative by a guy called Tino Buntic. You can read background and why he did it in an interview [Read More]


enjoyed the interview, now we now the story behind THE MAN!

Whatta man whatta man what a mighty good man, yes he is!

Excellent interview, it was nice to read a little more about the project :)

Nice interview. I like the part about link bait. Link bait can be a fun and exciting thing. Post the right comment and you can spark a huge response from readers. Everybody has their own opinions and that's what gets it going.

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