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January 11, 2007


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I would love to meet up with everyone. However, the dreaded "northern winters" keep me from vacating my cushy lair (today it will be 70 and sunny).

I think we should all meet down here at the beach. We don't have a Bennigans, but we have an Applebees :P.

Hey... I might be down that way in the spring/early summer, I just might take you up on that offer!

What a fun idea. If I was closer to the East Coast I would definitely join you guys. I'll be there in spirit, though!

Hey, if you want to have it in California, it's about 70 degrees. We can meet at the beach. :)

Darn it, would like to go although it would be a pricey night out. If you hold one in 5-6 years, maybe I'll be living in Canada and could get a cheap flight. :)

Hi Li, normally I wouldn't consider this, but I'm going to be in Harrisburg, PA for a consulting gig that week. It's not too far, so this sounds like a great night out.

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