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January 28, 2007

Scoble Pisses Off Engadget & The Blogosphere

By Li Evans

Scoblebanner Scoble's on a tear, and what better way to create a little controversy than to call out "A-List" blogs for their linking practices and for not giving credit where credit is due?  I'm sure he knew what kind of reaction he'd get, but hey, it's his blog he can do what he wants - but perhaps he should also remember it is Engadget's blog and they can do what they please too.

However there were two points I found interesting in this whole controversy:

  1. Giving credit where credit is due
  2. Linking to other bloggers verses linking to main stream media

Looking at giving credit where credit is due in this particular situation, he's definitely got a point.  He's the one who broke the story and had inside exclusives, if you're blogger (it doesn't matter what "list" your on) reporting on this stuff, do the right and link back to the source or the breaking news blog.  At least do a little research and try and figure out who broke it first, shouldn't you try your best not to mislead your audience into thinking you broke the story. 


Engadget can explain their reasons however they want - but the point is, Robert broke the story, they didn't, save face and link already.  I really have an issue with their "justification" why they didn't link to him, breaking the story is rather newsworthy, and Robert had a lot more information.

As for the 2nd point, linking to mainstream media, I think Scoble's got a point about this as well.  I think I know why bloggers link to mainstream media as opposed to bloggers.  Mainstream media has this huge perceived authority, bloggers - especially new ones, want to make sure they are getting things from what they believe to be a "valid" source.

However, here's the problem with that, major media sources get things wrong, too.  Just look at what happened with the London Times and the Wikiasari fiasco.  The London times got it wrong, and the blogosphere just went wild perpetuating the wrong facts.  As bloggers we should question things, just as journalists do, and make sure even the mainstream media is getting it right before linking to it.

Kudos to you Robert Scoble, even if you have changed a little since leaving Microsoft, I think you've changed for the better.  Of course I'm a person who enjoys a little more "snarkiness" from time to time, I guess all those others "threatening" to unsubscribe - like complacency.


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As far as I know Robert didn't break the story. This, like most, have embargo dates/times, and NYT and a handful of other publications were under that embargo. Scoble's piece went up the same time as everyone else's. We found it from the NYT first, and that's who got the link. I don't see how we did anything wrong.

Ryan -
Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Especially in light of my own opinion, I greatly appreciate your time and your comments.

I, however, believe that Scoble did break this story, by what he wrote and the inside information he had. Also by his reporting of the timing. Why would Robert make all of that up when it could be tracked down and documented?

Regardless of that, would it have really hurt to say - "and look at what Scoble has", and add that additional information?

It's my personal opinion that Scoble broke the story, and quite frankly, it's only fair to credit him with that.

Thanks for stopping and sharing your thoughts on the issue! :)

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