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January 10, 2007

Women of Internet Marketing Wednesdays Part 5

By Li Evans

Womenofinternetmarketing_4 So have you all been anxiously awaiting who we will be featuring this week?  I hope so, because I've had a ball interviewing both of these spunky women! Over the past weeks we've covered some pretty interesting facts, information and tidbits about women like Christine Churchill, Karon Thackston, Gillian Muessig, Kim Krause Berg, Dazzlin' Donna and many more!

This week's women reveal some great things, you just might learn if someone's boss wears tights and if someone is a closet Cuttlett.  We ask the informative questions and also like to add a little bit of fun into the interviews to give you the reader a view into the lighter side of these wonderful internet marketing professionals.  So, let me have the pleasure of introducing you to Lisa Baron and Meg Walker.

Lisa Barone
Lisabarone For a few months, I couldn't figure out if it was Rebbecca Kelley or Lisa that was SEOFan Girl, then, I found out it was neither one of them!  Lisa though was a great sport about it in Chicago at SES, and it was a lot of fun to actually meet her for the first time.  She's friendly, bright and just a lot of fun to hang out with - I think this is really why Bruce Clay hired her.

Most Search Professionals know Lisa as the voice of the Bruce Clay blog.  Every day Lisa brightens our feed readers with her witty writing and interesting takes on what is going on in the Search Marketing world.  From commenting on industry happenings to joking about how Graywolf has been stalking her through MyBlogLog, her blogging skills makes it a great reason to read Bruce Clay's blog everyday.

Originally from Long Island (that's New York), Lisa now resides in California.  She's the senior technical writer on the Bruce Clay, Inc. team and she helps with writing great content for the company's clients.  She even admitted to me she's taken Bruce's SEO course - twice!

Bruceclaylogo Now for some Q&A with Lisa:
Q:  Who’s your favorite blogger to read?
A:  Barry Schwartz. I’m so in awe of his talent that I still can’t look him in eye. I mean here’s this guy who writes for Search Engine Roundtable, Cartoon Barry and now Search Engine Land and yet he’s completely unassuming and down to earth? He’s amazing. I’m sure Yisha agrees, assuming she still remembers what he looks like. ;)   In all seriousness, I hope my career is blessed with half the blogging success Barry has had. He’s someone I look up to very much.
Q:  Right now, how many women bloggers do you read?
A:  I keep a good mix of women bloggers in my daily regime. I think it’s really important that we all support one another. I’m a huge fan of Kim Krause, Kathy Sierra, Rae Hoffman, SEO Scoop, JenSense and the SEOmoz ladies. That Jane Copland has kept a pretty low profile over at the SEOmoz blog but if you check her out on Drivl.com, that girl has the smarts. I’d love to see her blogging role grow over at SEOmoz. Rebecca (who is awesome in her own right) is not the only fiery female over there in Seattle!
Q:  Who do you feel is a leader in this industry and why?
A:  Danny Sullivan, by far, hands down. He has single handedly paved the way for the rest of us. I believe his presence, constant example and contribution is large enough that it can’t even be quantified.  If Danny ever left the industry for good, it’d be a really dark time for a lot of people. His passion and excitement for this industry fuels so many others. His Chicago keynote blew me away.
Q:  Why do you like/love this industry?
A:  Because it’s constantly changing. I have an undying sense of curiosity but a short attention span, so it’s important for me to be involved with something as dynamic as our industry. SEO and search marketing are evolving so fast that there’s no time to sit back and applaud yourself for what you did yesterday. You have to be active about growing your campaigns and staying on top of the engines movements or you’re going to find yourself yesterday’s news. It’s exciting and I love that.  I think we’re all in the industry at a really great time. Big businesses and non industry people are starting to see the impact of search engine optimization and that’s only going to grow in the years to come. People with their hands in the jar now will get to see the industry develop from its infancy. Who wouldn’t love that?

I’m also in love with the people. I was blown away in Chicago by how supportive everyone is of each other. That’s very rare and I feel really lucky to be a part of it.
Q:  Does Bruce Clay’s alter ego wear a cape and tights, and leap high buildings in a single bound?
A:  Let me ask you this: If you had a black corvette, would you waste your time leaping high buildings? I didn’t think so. We have a No Cape policy at Bruce Clay, but I can vouch for his tights-wearing penchant. Kidding!
Q:  Inquiring minds want to know, who’s the prettier princess Neil Patel or Dan Thies?
A:  Well, I voted for Karl Ribas during HatBait, so I’ll go ahead and support Neil here.
Q:  Joe Morin or Todd Friesan?
A:  Todd, all the way. Partly because there’s something very Guy Patterson about him, and also because his top notch optimization skills terrify me. I got to meet him in Chicago and I’m pretty sure he could crush me with the optimizing power of his little finger.  Plus who doesn’t find a reformed bad boy sexy?
Q:  What do you do when you aren’t at search conferences and can’t be around the great one in yellow shoes?
A:  *sigh* It’s a struggle. You’ve seen him so you understand. I can also neither confirm nor deny that there may be a picture of The Great One taped to my computer monitor. And on my fridge at home. And maybe even in my car. Okay, I’m kidding about the car, but the others are true. I’m a Rand Fishkin stalker. There, I said it, are you happy? 

We're always happy when we get our interviewees to confess, because we love to get the scoop! ;)

Now up for our next great professional Meg Walker!

Meg Walker
Meg I got the privilege of meeting Meg for the first time out at Chicago SES at the SEO Fangirl luncheon.  She sat right across from me and boy did we have a great time!  Meg has a wonderful sense of humor and kept me giggling and smiling the entire lunch.

Meg's the "SEO and online advertising geek" for Network Solutions. She works with the NetSol and affiliated brands of the Network Solutions company and manages the internal and external resources for banner advertising, integrated content, search advertising and search engine optimization.

Meg's in the process of launching a new blog called eBuzzMaster and I found it very interesting that Internet Marketing is actually her 2nd career.  Prior to coming into this industry Meg was in biotechnology/medical diagnostics marketing, but has been in search marketing now for 7 years and started this part of her career at WebSurveyor.

Netsollogo Now for Meg's Q&A:
Q:  What do you consider your most successful industry accomplishment?
A:  I’m not sure how to answer this question. The answer is either, “Should I have accomplished something?” or might include too much braggadocio. Probably the biggest accomplishment that I can claim a small piece of is to help people here and at other companies understand the interplay between paid search, natural search and online advertising – how they work together to drive results. I also have done several talks about search as a branding medium and as a sales channel.

One cool thing, from long ago is that Google picked up a Marketing Sherpa article that I worked with Anne Holland to write. I had done some comparative analyses between Google, GoTo and Sprinks (about.com’s effort to enter into the PPC world), which Anne published. Google picked up the article and leveraged it for their early marketing efforts. This was in 2001. Back when dinosaurs roamed the halls at Google.
Q:  Where do you see this industry going in the next 5 years?
A:  Wow… for someone who sticks with what’s going to happen next week, that’s a tough question!

  • Social media and communities: Although social media is getting pretty mainstream, I think it will continue to grow. It will be interesting to see how some longer-term Internet players like Netscape will affect more general acceptance. As the younger, early adopters of MySpace get into the workforce, I anticipate that we will see a lot more use of that type of community-building in business. There are quite a few new ones now, like MyBlogLog.
  • Partnerships and branding: I see a much stronger drive for developing mutually beneficial partnerships in both search and e-commerce environments. Then I think we’ll see resurgence of brand marketing, but with a twist. We’ll figure out how to measure the real revenue value of brand marketing offline, and will get a better understanding of how all efforts work together.
  • Domains and arbitrage: Another direction that I think will be a big growth area in the near future, especially with the availability of .mobi extensions.

Q:  Who’s your favorite blogger to read?
A:  Well, my New Year’s resolutions include: Read blogs, Write blogs, Keep job while doing the above.
I have just started really getting into reading, but there are several that I have tracked for a while. These include Matt Cutts, Search Engine Watch. Some new additions to my reading list are Lee Odden’s Online Marketing Blog, SearchCap from SearchEngineLand, Rand Fishkin’s SEOMoz.com. There are also some newsletters I read, including Search Insider, WebPro World, IAB SmartBrief and OF COURSE, Search Marketing Gurus!  (Li: awwwh she likes us and admits it!)
Q:  Are you a closet “Cuttlett”?
A:  Hmmmm… Well, he’s got interesting stuff to say, but I can’t say I am a real Cuttlett.
Q:  Who’s the sexiest SEO “Boy” you know?
A:  Considering that I’m a bit older, I must admit that most of the SEO “boys” are more likely to make me feel maternal. There are a few SEO men, though, that I think are sexy – ones that immediately come to mind are Joe Morin, Lee Odden, and Grant Crowell.
Q:  Do you think yellow shoes are sexy?
A:  RF’s shoes are a great trademark. Do I think they are sexy? Well, it just depends how he accessorizes them, doesn’t it?

So there you have it, Bruce Clay has a black corvette and just might wear tights *kidding*, Meg is a Cuttlett and thinks Rand should accessorize with those yellow shoes.  Now drop us a line here and let us know who you want to learn more about! :)


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We wouldn't have hired Jane if she were pinging 10 on the Bland-o-Meter :)

Drats. There go my chances of ever working at SEOmoz. :)

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