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January 24, 2007

Women of Internet Marketing Wednesday Part 7

By Li Evans

Womenofinternetmarketing_6 This week, I'm starting out asking you the audience for some input.  Please, please, please (have I said please enough?) drop a comment here or email me (s m g -a t- searchmarketinggurus.com) with who you'd like to see in the upcoming weeks.  I've got a few women in mind, but I'd really like some help from all of you!

Now, for this week's two wonderfully talented women.  Both of them seem to be DaveN fangirls (hey we have a club you know!) and both are just a blast to hang out with.  I got the privilege of meeting the both of them in Chicago this past December at SES, and wanted to introduce them to all of you.  Tonight let me introduce you to Carolyn Shelby and Becky Ryan.

Carolyn Shelby
Cshel_2 Carolyn, or "cshel" as she's known in the WebmasterRadio.fm chatroom is one technically talented woman.  Prior to really settling into Internet Marketing, Carolyn was aiming to be a Systems Administrator, however, she was told that since she couldn't grow a "ZZ Top Beard", didn't have a pot belly or didn't wear red suspenders she never truly could be a real hardcore sysadmin or BOFH (bastard operator from hell).  Lucky for us, she decided to concentrate more on the marketing aspect of the interenet and found her true calling.

Along with having the network administrator experience behind her, she also can code websites.  She recently just rebuilt an e-commerce site that has over 60,000 subscribers.  From coding to networking to marketing Carolyn's got an amazing wealth of technical knowledge.  Check out Caroyln's website too!

Now for our traditional Q&A:
Csheldotcom Q:  What did you do before you got into this industry (if anything else)?
A:  When I was in high school I worked for my dad's wife as a slave... er, carpenter. I spent summers lugging bundles of steel studs around, insulating walls, hanging drywall and installing drop ceilings. She even had me on the company paperwork as VP, but that was really only to avoid having to pay me union wages for the work I was doing. I got to be VP and paid $5/hr instead of being Jane Carpenter and making $20/hr, but I guess at 15/16 years old that isn't really so bad.  Then while I was at Purdue (for the whole 5 minutes I was at Purdue anyway), I was a waitress at Denny's. So right before I got into the ISP/web hosting business, I was asking people if they'd like fries or hashbrowns with their Moons Over My Hammy.
Q:  Why do you like/love this industry?
A:  I love the conferences and I love how close knit everything feels. Everyone I've met has been nice and open, and I've yet to encounter anyone I'd classify as a jerk.
Q:  What aggravates you most about this industry?
A:  What aggravates me most are companies posting jobs asking for "SEO Gurus" or wanting someone to do SEO and be the webmaster and be a project manager, but barely want to pay $40k/yr to work downtown Chicago. I guess that might fly if you're in the middle of BFE nowheresville, but I don't understand how they seriously expect to get quality candidates at those wages.
Q:  What big “thing” do you think will prevail in 2007?
A:  Social media is clearly getting bigger, so I think the biggest trick this year is going to be finding a somewhat reliable and *repeatable* process for leveraging social media on behalf of clients.
Q:  Who’s your favorite blogger to read?
A:  I don't know if I have a specific favorite blogger, but Threadwatch is definitely my favorite read in the mornings.
Q:  Right now, how many women bloggers do you read?
A:  SEOFanGirl, SugarRae, and Rebecca at SEOMoz.
Q:  Who do you feel is a leader in this industry and why?
A:  Danny Sullivan really seems to just have his finger on the pulse of what's going on in the industry, and I know I can't start my day w/o listening to the daily search cast.

And now for a little fun....
Q:  Do people come up to you and say “I see CShell selling seashells down by the seashore?”
A:  Yeah... all the time. I've given up trying to explain that "cshel" really only marginally has anything to do with actual seashells and is more a unix-y play on my name.
Q:  What do you like better – Danny’s singing of Danny’s rants on the Daily Search Cast?
A:  I love the singing. Anybody can go on rant, but it takes a real man to burst into spontaneous song ala Julie Andrews in the middle of a broadcast.
Q:  Stuntdbl (Todd Malicoat) or The Princess (Neil Patel)?
A:  Oh.... how can you make me choose? Can't I pick both?
Q:  Who’s got the best “Radio Voice” on all of the WebmasterRadio.fm shows?
A:  Daron has the best radio voice hands down in terms of the traditional, velvety, deep DJ voice, but I gotta tell ya... I have a major weak spot for British accents. I could listen to Dave Naylor just read the phone book for hours.

And now for our next wonderfully talented woman, Becky Ryan.

Becky Ryan
Beckyryan Becky's well know at all the conferences and her smile lights up any room and is incredibly contagious!  She's also the gal that keeps Dave, Larry and Hilton inline at Trellian.  I kept hearing about Becky or "Web Moxy", but it wasn't until Chicago that I actually - finally - got to meet her face to face.  Her wonderfully friendly nature just makes you want to hang out with her and have fun all night long.

Becky found her way into Internet Marketing through gaming.  Yep, you read right, she played video games and use to surf the bulletin boards for cheat sheets.  "The next thing I knew, I was learning all sorts of things from those bulletin boards," she related to me.  Prior to getting into Internet Marketing Becky had her own custom horse blanket business, worked in retail and was even a hair stylist!

So now for our  Q&A time with Becky:
Trellianlogo Q:  What is your most successful industry accomplishment?
A:  The night before SES Chicago many attendees and speakers congregate at the hotels' Irish pub. This last time while catching up with friends, Danny Sullivan walks in with a box of donuts. He offers them to people as he makes his way through the bar. He then says to me "Becky, would you like a donut?" ... Danny knew my name! I was on a high! .He said MY name. he said my name!!! My heart is beating fast as I relive this moment! :)

Professionally, I think my most successful industry accomplishments have been to help mega corporations build and train their in-house marketing teams.

Personally, my spirit loves people helping people with organic search. With the right knowledge and effective tools, it easy for even the smallest company to succeed - and I love every time I see that happen.
Q:  Why do you like/love this industry?
A:  Internet is so interwoven into my make-up that I actually have built an extended family. I see and communicate with this community more than many of my own "blood" relatives! I was lucky to have started working on the Internet very early in its evolution.

Back in '90, I was starting a family, living in "the sticks" way outside Atlanta. I would log unto Compuserve, Archie and local BBs, to find out everything I could about gaming, programming and web design.  By the mid nineties, I had a job with a banner exchange company and managing many doctors' sites. I was building their loyalty programs including through Listservs, IRC Chat programs. I offered my clients "progress reports" aka Website Analysis and Competitive Intelligence.  It was crude but beneficial!

This early hands-on learning, paired with working on a degree in web development, has given me a firm foundation, which eventually got me into trouble!  In 1999, I convinced my clients' to pull their sites down as I upload new high-tech flash site. Within weeks of the implementation my world changed. As their sites were nose-diving or had crashed, I was flying on a plane to Boston praying to God . to save my clients, employees and my family's new found income.

My first SES became a paradigm shift! Within a few sleepless weeks spent making radical site changes - my clients were back in business. I am still indebted to wonderful people like Paul Johnson, Greg Boser, Mikkel, Bruce Clay, Det Lev Johnson, Heather Lloyd Martin, and Robin Nobles. I can attribute the advice they gave me as being instrumental both to saving my clients and to putting me on this path!
Q:  What big "thing" do you think will prevail in 2007?
A:  An SE Lottery!  The winner gets one year of top rankings on terms like "Satellite" and "iPod"! Now that would be exciting!

In reality, this is probably the year of broader acceptance of blogs and social communities. It is about creating quality content that people want to read and both blogs and social communities provide that. As for the owners of these types of sites it creates an ideal platform for advertising and building on loyalty.
Q: Who's your favorite blogger to read? 
A:  Li, I visit your site every day! (awwwh, another one loves us!)
Q:  Right now, how many women bloggers do you read?
I read tons! I can't accurately give you a number. I read a lot of many female blogs! I go to yours everyday and I recommend SugarRae's and Lisa Barone's a lot.  I have also found some new up and coming female bloggers since joining MyBlogLogs, I have been reading a lot from Andrea Schoemaker, which I think are really building a network of followers.  I am excitedly waiting for Meg Walker's and Marie Howell's blogs. I know they have some great information and they are building their site right now!
Q:  Who do you feel is a leader in this industry and why?
A:  When speaking of females I think of Steph Leffer of Monster Commerce. She appeals to programmers, SEO, SEM's and companies. She has taken her product and produce a corporation that is respected within many communities.

And now for some laughs with Becky...
Q:  Do you Google yourself on Google, yodel yourself on Yahoo!, ask ASK if you exist and pray you live on Live?
A:  Well after a particular party at Pubcon, I not only Yodeled, Google and Asked myself, I even set up alerts!!
Q:  Who's the sexiest SEO Guy you know?
A:  Please Li, next show do the signs thing like HatBait but with "Gay, Straight or Taken" I would love to narrow my list down!!!

These are the hottest and in Alpha-betical order particular order: Loren Baker, Ray Comstock, Ben Hadley, Jim Hedger, Dax Herrera, Chris Hooley, Joe Martin, Neil Patel, Mike Sack, and Werty. Dang they are all hot!
Q:  Who throws the best parties (at Search Industry Events)?

  • #3 Google SES/SJ: "GoogleDance" the nicest way to jam, drink and handle the shock of another SEO year passing.
  • #2  Yahoo! YPN throws very exclusive private parties. They select a handful of people and bring them to some ultra special location. They even add to the excitement and might not always announcing where the event will be. In Vegas, they spared no expense and rented out the Hugh Hefner suite!      
  • #1 SearchBash - This is the ultimate premier event! Brandy Sharpiro-Babin and Daron Babin, from WebmastRadio.FM, know how to throw a party. They invite everyone!! They pick fantastic big locations, and they know how to rock in style. If you go, bring a tons of business cards, as everyone will be there. Warning show up early to avoid the lines!      

Q:  DaveN (David Naylor) or ShoeMoney?
A:   Shoemoney: He is sooo nice! A genuine person and knows his stuff! He is everywhere: Internet radio show, chatrooms, blogs, social sites and SEO retreats. He stands out with his smoooooth head, big heart, great laugh. When I first met him, I was instantly impressed with how funny, witty (highly intelligent) but genuinely kind. I really love his videos (check his Myspace) account! Lets go back to the smooth head, Hot!      
DavenfaceshoemoneybodyDaveN: I have known DaveN for years. This guy is amazing; smart, funny, and brilliant with a hot edge! Don't forget the British accent! His write-ups are usually very direct and to the point. He covers many industries and has a lot of new adventures coming up in 2007. He is also a good family man. But lets go back to the British accent and his aggressive edge, Hot!
DaveN as he has access to all of my emails from www.TickMe.com. (*private message to DaveN* - I have under a 75% rating! What the *&^%!  We need to talk about that!!! See u in London)

And before y'all ask - That's DaveN's face on Shoe's body - but you have to ask Becky where she got that to send to me! ;)

So there you have the "low down" on web moxy and cshel!  What fun I'm having, each week I get to learn a lot more about all of these wonderful women!  Stay tuned for Part 8 next Wednesday!  As always, visit our Women of Internet Marketing category to see our past weeks' wonderful women and don't forget - let me know who you want to know more about!


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wow, what can I say ,,
I'm a Li Evans FanBoy

DaveN ,..

Hmmmm FanBoy sounds gay .. lol

In October I interviewed Lena West of xynoMedia Technology and she was terrific! She is the creator of the Technology Diet and speaks about creating strategic plans for your websites (among other things). You can check out her website http://www.xynoMedia.com in case you want to interview her for one of your posts.

BTW, I subscribe to Google Alerts and received notice of your blog this morning - great content!

Have an exceptional day... and then some.

Heidi Richards, Founder & CEO - The WECAI Network™ - http://www.wecai.org - Our mission is to "help women do business on and off the WEB."

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