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February 10, 2007


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Thanks Li for mentioning my post from LIFT, but let me point you to another one where I relate a discussion I had with Devouard, because she never said that Wikipedia would shut down: she just said that they had 3/4 months of cash in the bank, but she repeatedly told me that the had "no worry for the future" of Wikipedia:
The idea that Wikipedia could "shut down in 3/4 months" is a morph of her original statement by bloggers that were not at LIFT. Have a happy day, B.

Um, Wikia is not a "for-profit sister" of Wikipedia/Wikimedia. It's a completely separate organisation - your phrasing implies it's a for-profit subsidiary, like Mozilla Corporation/Mozilla Foundation. This is not the case, even though the press keep getting this wrong. (We figure another six to twelve months of corrections every time from both Wikimedia and Wikia may alleviate this.)

Bruno - basically what I was trying to point out, was that the possibility that it would shut down it pretty absurd. Wikia, Inc. wouldn't let that happen.

David - In reality it is "a-kin" to Wikia. It uses its platform and Mr. Wells has interlinked the two together on more than one occasion. Plus, as I've stated, who REALLY believes that Wikipedia would just shut down, there's no way that'd ever happen because of it's "kinship" to Wikia. Wikimedia is Not-For-Profit ... Wikia is for profit .... Just like I'm my parent's daughter, and I'm a red head, and my sister is a brunette. We're both rooted from the same place - we're still related just different.

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