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February 04, 2007

Superbowl Commercials, 30 Minutes Later - Name Your Top 5 Ads

By Li Evans

Coltswinsuperbowl The Superbowl Champions may be the Indianapolis Colts (Pat, I bet you are dancing right now!), but there's also other winners.  Who are they?  Those whose commercials you remember 30 minutes after the game and can chuckle or talk about tomorrow at work.  These marketers paid several millions of dollars on 30 second spots that they hoped caught your attention enough to remember them AFTER the game, enough to talk about them tomorrow and for days/weeks after the game has faded into memory.

So I'll share my type 5 favorite Superbowl Commercials:

  1. Career-Builder Ads - all of them, hilarious!
  2. Robertgouletemeraldnuts Emerald Nuts - so that's what happens at 3 p.m. - I'm on the watch for Robert Goulet now!
  3. Budwiser Ads - both the crabs (the animation/reactions - just funny!) and the JayZ/Don Shula ad (great graphics!) - both were great
  4. Nationwide's Federline Ad - *sighs* I admit it, I found it funny, even though I saw it on Monday- it's still memorable!
  5. Tie:  Coca-Cola Ads (all of them) / Footlocker Garnett Autograph Ad - Coke's ad were fun, classy and cute. Footlocker, just made me laugh, "oh no not my shoe!"

Those are the ones I'll be talking about - Viral Marketing / Word of Mouth Marketing in high gear, in a positive way.

The Superbowl Commercials I didn't really care for (mostly because they were lame!):

  1. GoDaddy - come on guys, you tried that same approach the other year - nothing new here, move on to another idea!
  2. Sherylcrowerevloncolorist Revlon - Uhhh, I don't have a colorist following me around for 6 weeks, why do I care that Sheryl Crow does?  Do guys really care about coloring their hair?
  3. Budlight - the one with the gorillas, just, kinda, stupid.
  4. Sales Genie - just plain out LAME-O
  5. Flomax - yes, just what ever guy wants to see, a commercial for male urinating problems! (I couldn't find it on YouTube - I wonder why!? LOL)

So, which one's did you like and not like?  I'm interested in knowing!


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1. Blockbuster Mouse Click ad with Carl and Ray

2. Sprint Connectile Dysfunction

3. Bud Spot Wink (dog spots)

4. Bud King Crab

5. Taco Bell Taquitos (Lions)

The Emerald Nuts/Goulet ad is the only one that made me LOL, and I usually love the commercials more than the game. Not this year.

The Career Builder ones didn't do anything for me overall. The first one was pretty good, but then it got old.

And on the other end of the spectrum, I may never eat another Snickers again. :)

I thought that the Rock, Paper, Scissors Bud Light commercial was funny as hell.

The Blockbuster commercial (with the mouse) was pretty good too.

Where was J.P.'s marriage proposal ad?

Hey Scott -
I just put up a post about JP's proposal. Unfortunately the sponsor fell through that was going to originally do it - and they held up the works to prevent anyone else from doing it :(

But - JP's going to do it during Veronica Mars tomorrow. It -might- be national, Joe's trying to make that work, but it will at least be local to where JP lives.

I also have it on good authority it'll be posted on the internet shortly after it happens. :)

The A-B crabs are number one for me. As for the rest... they were all blah.

I say two points to Revlon for running an ad for the women watching the game.

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