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February 07, 2007


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Don't take it personally, I'm sure that Danny has told everyone in his village that he's Canadian as well ;)

Oh, that rule doesn't apply at immigration - they're less likely to believe you.

A couple more tips:
- Don't admit to voting for Bush.
- Don't say that the British speak English funny.
- Don't say that you thought the St George's Cross (English flag) was a Swedish Flag - I think Rand was the culprit last year.
- Don't insult the food and then ask for directions for the nearest Mc Donalds.


I must have missed this post when it was posted, but YEY Karl! :)

Very cool - Karl will be a great fit here!

Thanks Lisa and Chris. I'm hoping that I can live up to the standards that Li and Greg have set for this Blog. I'm really excited and looking forward to participating.

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