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February 06, 2007


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What you have said here hits the issue right on the head. Online Reputation Management is becoming more important to a company's reputation everyday. As the Internet gets bigger and more diverse, ORM will continue to deserve more attention. For more information please visit: http://www.blizzardinternet.com/whitepapers/online_reputation_mgt.htm

I can add here answers websites such as Yahoo! Answers and the video sites such as Youtube. ps. I did a search on Yahoo for the term "starbucks" and two of the top ten results I saw had the word "default" as the title tags leading to int'l Starbucks sites. An opportunity for an SEO Guru to help them out?

Sherwin -
Normally I include those! I don't know where my mind was and why I didn't.

Social Video and Social Answers. I think I'll make a follow up article. Thanks for REMINDING ME! doh! *face palms* .... totally forgot!

Great post. I'd say review sites tend to have more direct commentaries on businesses and their reputations; they're getting reviewed after all, and people's opinions are being solicited. Yelp.com seems to be up and coming, but there's another one called repptide.com that specifically targets reputations for people as well as businesses. They've got a pretty unique system to track changing reputations.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I have reviewed it myself now. A very enjoyable read

Not many people actually use DMOZ for searches in the same way that Yahoo is used, so the directory itself is of little value in generating traffic. However, its data can be freely downloaded, and any website, however small, can use it.

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