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March 01, 2007

Google Brings You Traffic

By Li Evans

Trafficjam What a nice play on words, Google brings you traffic.  I both senses of the statement it's absolutely true, since Google has announce the addition of actual "vehichle" traffic reports for 30 major U.S. Cities.  Living in the Philadelphia suburbs, traffic reports are a must, as I'm sure it is in most major cities.

I normally use Traffic.com's services, however, I'm going to test both of these side by side, to see who's more accurate over the next week.  I'll come back and let you know how they fair.

One advantage I can see that Traffic.com has over Google's traffic on its maps is the "traffic reports" that Traffic.com emails to you when you set it up.  I love that feature of the service.  At 7:15 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. I get an email that tells me just how jammed up my drive might be.  I don't see that feature with Google's service just yet. 


Sometime next week I'll have a wrap up on my comparison and let you know how they fair.  In the mean time, Google, here's a tip (beyond the offering of traffic reports), offer the opportunity for convenience/gas stores like WaWa (yes we have a chain of stores called WaWa here), Sheetz, Turkey Hill, Circle K have the opportunity to advertise via having little "dots" point out their locations.  If your stuck in traffic and new to the city and need gas, it's a great feature to have!


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Hello, great Map Tool for finding traffic faster than goolge.

Hi Li! Perhaps a little of an 'off topic' comment here, but funny you should mention WAWA! Brings back so many memories :) I was on a work/travel program in NJ back in 2001, and spent some time working there. Great coffee and yummy hoagies :)

Sarah - OMG! LOL ... I looooooove WaWa, I love saying that name, and their commercials on the radio are just hilarious. they have this series called the "wawa pedal" ... i crack up with each new one they put out. And they have this new sandwich called the "sizzly"... just fun!! I'm glad someone else can identify with my "WaWa" statement! ;)

My friend from Arizona came here and I said "we'll just go to the WaWa" ... he looked at me like I was from Mars. LOL ... I took him there ... and now he says ... "I just like the store cuz of the name" LOL

What happened to the Google traffic vs Traffic.com comparison?

Hi George!

Wanted to give it a full two weeks worth of trying it and comparing it to Traffic.com. I made mention of it this morning, but plan to post a full write up this evening! :)

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