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March 29, 2007


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It seems to me that having a list of Parties you can go to if your attending Search Engine Strategies next week in New York City - as I am, would be nice to have for a change - and... [Read More]


Thanks for mentioning the IMNY Charity party Li.

It's going to be a great time and raise money for a great cause so if anyone is around - please stop by!

Unless my flight gets horribly delayed, I should be there.

Is Ronald McDonald House a real charity? The last thing I was to do is give money to the satanic McDonalds Corp!


"Is Ronald McDonald House a real charity?"

Definitely a real charity: http://www.rmhc.org

"The last thing I was to do is give money to the satanic McDonalds Corp!"

I am with you on that :)

Ronald McDonald House is definitely a real charity. On top of being real, it is also international and serves families from all walks of life. I utilized their services for two years and am thankful they were there when I needed them.

Thanks Rae & Chris for chiming in here!

Kids love the Ronald..and find him "not so scary" even though the situations they brought them too the Ronald McDonald House are very scary.

I hope all SES conference folks that are in town that night will be there to support this very worthy charity. I know you'll be seeing Greg Meyers and myself there!

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