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March 13, 2007


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Indeed. My company started a project that was going to need it's own website, without thinking about the url. The .com was taken, and the idea was that we'd pay the 30k they were asking for it when we were ready, and until then we'd go with the .net. Well, we went back to the .com owners, and the price had doubled, so we decided to stick with the .net. I've got to wonder about what we're losing out on by not having the .com, although on the plus side they don't have anything on the .com, so we're not driving traffic to a potential competitor... at this point.

Well i am really amazed , a million dollars for a .com domain.

i don't agree .com is that important. if you are some organization then once your publicized the domain name, people will visit and they will not forget that TOPIX has .net domain :)

Topix did that may be because they didn't have enough reason to spend , or may be some of their managers took money in his pocket by crying out ... ohhh .net is bad. Its not bad, really not at all.

i am starting a new project for some one and get .com domain myself , and after that you convince owner to buy .com in million dollars while you are the owner of that domain .

i hope you got my point.

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