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March 04, 2007


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I wouldn't categorize Joost under 'video sharing'.
They don't 'share' (nor accept)any user-generated content like youTube.
It's really not even a 'social networking' place (they don't maintain a comunity: it's just streaming syndicated video).

As for video sharing site, you can also mention the video aggregators ("best of"), like glumbert.com.

Also, there are sites like twitter.com (which I absolutely hate = see my comments at http://lagesse.org/index.php/2007/03/06/i-just-realized-i-never-really-posted-about-twittercom/ =, but hey, it IS 'social')!

What about




How would you categorize these?

Chad ... are you reading my mind? :)

I was just thinking last night sites like these two, could technically fall into a social media category. For now, I'd say "other"... but maybe something "Social Media: Meet-Up Sites"? What do you think?

I had to stumbled this. Wonderful post. I'll be writing my own guide to social media sites. Drop by and check it out?

This is a useful article, but needs updating.

I understand 'web2.0' / 'social media' sites as those that give some control to users. At one extreme you have sites where 100% of the content is user supplied and moderated. Anyone can join and post any type of content, including video, images, text, links, etc. At the other extreme there are sites where user involvement is limited to a controlled form of interaction, such as posting a review or rating an item. You may be able share these views with your friends and other users; but have no control yourself over the actual content, or even where / if it appears on the site.

Ultimately social media sites are about 'communities'. How you build, operate and manage the community and for what purpose defines the nature of the site.

For this reason I see little value in applying a content or functional catalogue of these sites as you have done. How is a video sharing site different from one the shares music or pictures? How is a site that tags or rates a video, picture or performance different from one that tags or rates a news item, a product, or a celebrity?

Every industry sector, interest group, place, company, brand, ... has their own 'community' (I have my own 'social network', as do you). Everyone who associates with this entity is already part of this interaction, although the majority of these exchanges are carried out in 'private'. All a 'social media' site is doing is allowing this interaction to take place online and in public.

Just wanted to say thank you. I found your article very helpful and informative.

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