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April 02, 2007


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Thanks for the mention, what a great list to be a part of.

Praise to the alphabet that put me on the top of the list! Woohoo!

Miriam Ellis-Loraditch writes the SEO Igloo blog which mainly addresses small business search & marketing.


Thanks for the include Li. Will add you to my blogroll.

> Praise to the alphabet that put me on the top of the list! Woohoo!

And to think my surname used to be Best. Sigh. ;-)

Thanks for including me in your list -- I'm honored. I've included this site in my blogroll and my del.icio.us.

The Society for New Communication Research (sncr.org) includes many distinguished women bloggers.

Thanks Matt for the link to SEO Igloo - I've added it! :)

Welcome Sophie!!

Such valid points. Only wish people would listen to what you say here!

I think I am the 2nd Whalen - Chick Blogger! Hi Jill! Nice to see that you are all out there!

Yes I am a woman and have been for 47 years.. :)
I would love to add a link of your site on my blog. I know my readers would enjoy reading the many posts women in this industry are posting. Please let me know your criteria.

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