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April 16, 2007


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Your screenshot of Digg is only for the Technology subsection.

Newsvine got the story early because user generated content is only half their content; they also have a full Associated Press feed.


Muhammad - Good catch! :) I was surfing all around Digg at that time to see if it was anywhere I checked out all the tabs to see if I could find if it was popular anywhere (to be fair), and I couldn't find it. I must've thought I was on the home page when I grabbed the screenshot - apologies about that. Still Newsvine had it to their front page first. :)

Carl - yes, they do get their news that way, and that is the first thing I noticed. However the activity on the story at the time I was looking was incredibly more than what was on Digg at the time, and thus why it was on their front page.

I wouldn't have posted this if it was just their feed of the associated press story. :)

fyi, the VT story was broken on Newsvine before the AP feed appeared, by user Killfile, who was on campus at the time. That story was active on the front page for quite a while before the AP story was so prominently featured, as you show in your screen cap.



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