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April 29, 2007

Twitter Could Really Rock - Here's How

By Li Evans

Twitterlogo I've been using Twitter quite regularly now for well over a month.  I actually find it's a decent communication tool, and even convinced my "non-SEO" friend Beau to sign up for it, too.  I heard Twitter explained as - it just answers the question "what you are doing now". Sure, that's what is at the top of the box you type in, but I contend that the service can be a lot more than that. 

Twitter can be another form of communication to an already captive audience, and if used and promoted in the right manner it can be another form of driving qualified traffic to your site.  I find it incredibly handy for keeping up with the blogs and news sites I read.  Twitter's RSS feature is an awesome tool for bloggers, heck I've even added SMG to it, and just added my Eagles blog to the Twitter service too.

However there's a few more things I think Twitter can do to make this one heck of an indispensable tool.  So Twitter folks listen up, here's 6 things that could improve Twitter!

  1. Fix the Twitter IM component - Twitter's IM component is really unreliable, if they could get this nailed down and working consistently, I'd recommend this to many more people.  Right now, not all of my friends' updates come through, and it's a pretty big delay.  I have to go out to my actual Twitter page occasionally to see if I'm getting all the updates, it is really disappointing to find I've missed something.
  2. Create Searchable Twitter Categories - Allow people to classify themselves, or their blogs they submit to RSS to Twitter.  Once you have the classification in place, let Twitter users surf through the categories and add more friends to their list.
  3. TwitterfeaturedMake It Easier To Find Twitter Friends - Right now, other than "stumbling" upon friends, or getting an invite, there's not an easy way to find my friends on Twitter.  Someone has to tell me their Twitter page address, or I look on my friends' list of friends to find people - this is really annoying!
  4. Make It Easier To Find News & Blogs on Twitter - Make a directory of Blogs & News sites that are listed in your RSS to Twitter service.  I find having Search Engine Land, SE Roundtable, Mashable, ESPN in my Twitter friend list, incredibly valuable.  I'd add more, if I could easily find them!
  5. Expand the Twitter Featured Section - Your featured section is incredibly lacking.  Perhaps look to MyBlogLog to see how to promote featured Twitters.  That's how I found great new blogs to read.  If you expanded it to a page and maybe even section it out "new to Twitter", "Featured News", "Featured Companies", "Featured Blogs", etc. it would really rock!
  6. Add a Twitter Friend Request Feature - There's a few people who I know are extremely busy, and probably would add me to their friend's list if i just sent the request to add me.  I'd love to respond to them directly when they ask questions, unfortunately, they can't see my answers even if I "tweet" directly at them.

Any other Twitter users have ideas/suggestions?


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So true. Twitter is another "big thing". It seems like the "next big thing" is coming out once a week.

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