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April 17, 2007


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Error # 1 was Steve not being clear. He had 140 characters and didn't use them.

Error #2 is anyone assuming Steve's tweet was a complete thought. From the phrasing "PC Mag is another" it's obviously a continuation of another thought.

The worst error, however, was when "the folks at PC Mag responded in a rather harsh manner." That's absolutely unforgivably inappropriate. Steve's tweet was not clear, it obviously didn't have full context, it was obviously part of something else. Blowing it out of proportion "in a harsh manner" is simply inexcusable and makes PC Magazine look stupid.

More than ever before we all need to learn a few important lessons:
- Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity,
- if the screen "starts flashing red and black" (at least in your mind) walk away until you calm down
- never put anything in writing you wouldn't want your mother to read in the morning paper
- If you think you've been offended, try to handle the problem quietly first. You're likely to have guessed wrong. It's far better not to air your grievances and be embarrassed in public.

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