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May 07, 2007


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Nice post!..
Practically speaking. The rich get richer theory applies here. To start of a blog or site is very difficult these days. You need links to get links. Even if you're the most brilliant writer in the world. You've got to be seen to develop your credibility.. Google has made it so that inbound links are a way to be seen.

So... do I purchase links initially so that my site rises and I get some exposure.? I'll be that many of my competition have purchased links. So I might have to as well.

How does it make a difference if I state that these links are paid or not?

I think Matt Cutts is going to have a tough time with this. The internet is based on the economics of things.. It's ALL paid links!

Google is going wrong path here. I agree with Monty you need links to get Google traffic which allows you to get more links, but how do you get the initial links? This is circular reasoning and the reason why on almost all things a search in Google is simply returning sites from old well linked sites no matter how irrelevent they may be for that search term.


News papers sell adverts, advertorials and quite often articles and whole issues for the right buck. Google needs to wake up from their dream state. Organic search is as commercial as any other form of marketing.

Rules are welcome but Google is leading organic search to death. And this is normal. If you had their power and traffic wouldn't you be a little unhappy about distributing it freely? And how about the fat cat investors behind the company? They are after squeezing every last penny.

Google doesn't like people making money, despite it being the biggest money making machine there is.

To me it is the same as the Yahoo directory and the rest of the confounded paid directories.

Some think it is bad just because it is currently tricking Google's (GOOG) wonderful algorithm.


And it has to be done properly anyway to be most effective.


spammy search results...

At one time Franchising and Pay Per Click were seen as unethical. No one is impartial or unbiased when talking about this topic.

When I read an article like this, I wonder who taught these people to write. SEO was not defined up front. I also wonder, what are they really saying?
As far as links that are payed for, hopefully they are defined as such. Then they can be knowledgeably used or ignored. Anything else is just a lie.

Michael -
I would answer your question with, why does that matter?

I asked these people their opinion in a very casual manner, and this is how they answered. Their point came across loud and clear, unlike understanding what you mean by "SEO was not defined upfront."

Unfortunately, I don't think anyone understands what the point is you are trying to relate, so could you please clarify?

Paid links will always exist, and if Google is not very careful with this marketing schema they may end up devaluing their own paid links [adwords, adsense]. People are not stupid and free seo quality links will then be doled out through hardcore seo renegades.

I find it hilarious that someone finds not disclosing paid links as beneath contempt. A paid link is absolutely no different than product placement in a television show. Is it beneath contempt for the networks to not digitally insert a "PAID" logo over all of the products seen on a show?

Nice to hear words from professionals. Thanks!

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