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May 03, 2007


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Li Evans, in a Search Marketing Guru post, "Twitter Hate - MSNBC Shows Off its Black", sees a MSNBC article by Helen A.S. Popkin as a rant on how "dumb" Twitter is. Evans observes there's no mention of Twitter it is being used to reach targeted audienc... [Read More]


I hate to tell you this, but you're a blogger. By nature, you will be drawn to something like Twitter. You already share your opinion with the world and Twitter is another means of accomplishing that goal. Except you don't have to feel bad for not putting thought into your 'tweets'.

The rest of us non-bloggers still don't feel comfortable or care about sharing our current activity with the entire world. Facebook has Twitter like functionality - status updates. But only your friends can see what your doing. The same was true for IM.

I wonder - how many people on Twitter are not bloggers? And even scarier, how many people would be on Twitter if Leo & Robert never became such huge evangelists for it.

The funny thing is I'm a techie and I'm not really fond of Twitter.

Anonymous - I respectfully disagree with your assessment.

I've come to know quite a few people who are not bloggers and actually like Twitter. They are IM people mostly - but still they like Twitter.

I also believe you missed the whole point of the post. This was to point out, there are uses for Twitter way beyond what the author noted and had she done her homework, she would have found that out.

Also, next time, it'd be really nice if you could "own" your posts with a real name, rather than just drudging up drama and not owning it.


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