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June 05, 2007


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Liana - appreciate the questioning of motivation. I mean, seriously, question all you want, but linkbait?

Now that I've got Kevin's email, I will be able to ask in the future via that method before posting publicly, but likely the post would have been very similar - i.e. rumors abound that SES will make speakers exclusive, but SES reps promise that's not the case.

Next time we see each other in person, we can chat a bit more about this issue.

Rand, of course we can chat about this in person! :)

But I've got to say,you are well known to be the lover of controversy, unique ideas, and other things which generates buzz and links. Not that it's a "bad thing", however, you can't think that me and everyone else won't question the motives when you post something like that.

I just wish you'd gotten the facts straight, talked to the folks at SES before you posted about it. By the looks of several of your commenters (which I know you can't really control) already, there's animosity and "side taking" when there was really no need for it.

There's no SES against SMX. In fact SEW and SES are supportive of Danny and Danny is supportive of SES and SEW. That fact was stated to me from SEW's Rebecca Lieb.

When someone smart does something that appears as blatantly stupid as this does, it questions character, motivation, intentions and integrity.

The hypocrisy of this post is quite amusing.

Rebecca, could you clarify why this post is hypocritical? I'm not sure I follow you...

I don't want to get into a flame war or anything. All I'll say is that I've heard plenty of rumors and gossip at shows, and Liana certainly isn't excluded from that bunch (hence the hypocrisy).

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