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July 17, 2007

Simpsons Movie & Burger King Goes with Viral Marketing to Promote Movie

By Li Evans

Simpsonizeme Did you know the Simpsons Movie is coming out at the end of July?  Well if you didn't hear about the marketing antics happening for the movie so far (Seven 11's turning into Kwik-E Marts), look out because something Viral Markets this way.

Burger King has teamed up with the Simpsons to promote the movie with a site called Simposonize Me.  Now I did a little digging to see if Crispin Porter + Bogusky, of Subservient Chicken fame was behind this viral marketing piece, but I couldn't find any information on their site, nor BK's.  I wouldn't doubt that there is some kind of collaboration here with the movie studios and CP + B, these guys have come up with some really great work in the past couple of years.

No doubt this will catch on like wild fire, viral marketing at its finest.  You can Simpsonize yourself, add a pet, add backgrounds, email the picture to your friends, download it to your computer and even make it your screen saver.  I sat and played around on this site for well over 30 minutes, and thoroughly enjoyed the site.  It has that Simpsons humor behind it, and there's no doubt Simpsons fans will love it.

Take a look at just what I created.

notice the greyhound ;)


Now, go on, Simpsonize yourself, and share your pictures!  Feel free to link to your Simpsonized pictures in the comments below! :)


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Hi Li,

I read your post and completely agree with you that this is truly fun tool to play with. I created my own Simpson character and for the fun of it built a couple of my family members as well. They were quite surprised when they received my mail with their Simpson Image looking back at them… ;-)

It looks like the tool was built by the German Media Agency Cortona (http://www.cortona.de), together with Betaface (http://www.betaface.com). Cortona have a post on their website as well, but my German is not good enough to read what the website is saying. They definitely did a great job developing this fun application for Burger King.


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