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September 12, 2007


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» Interview with Search Engine Guide's Diane Aull from Jennifer Laycock
Ok, so she's not "our" Diane Aull as much as she's Acroprint and Nine Yards' Diane Aull, but she is a regular writer a... [Read More]


So glad to see this series back! I was afraid I'd ruined it for eternity.

Great interview, Li! I liked the questions - Diane (Torka) has been a friend for quite a while but I still learned something - that bribary via chocolate works. I'll keep that in mind if I ever get into trouble...

As for Torka needing help - nah, couldn't happen. But if it did, I'd be right there, dogsled and all ;)


Definitely counts as one of my favorite interviews so far!

Diane, I love you, but seriously. With my kind of luck, I'd be the REASON we're stuck on that mountain. Somebody please slap me if I ever consider going anywhere near Chicago O'Hare.

Li, it's so good to see these interviews start back up. Thank you!

Oh, every time I came across Torka's name in a forum, I'd hoped that's what it came from (being quite the Torkaholic myself!) I was on a really active Monkees mailing list like 10 years ago; Zan, Hooloovoo, et al. were always around there. Wow, I'd forgotten all about that.

I was pretty stoked to meet Peter when I was in high school (at a Two Man Band show), so I totally relate!

Great interview, interesting, thought provoking, educational but most important fun!
I have come across Diane (Torka) a lot in the forums and although she is probably extremely busy, she always seems to give up time to answer and help people like myself who are new to the industry.
Thanks Torka I appreciate all the advice you have offered whether it is directly or in-directly.

Congrats on getting a WIMW, Diane!

Diane is the only woman who had a comeback that shut me up for the rest of the night. I hold her in high esteem for that.


Cripes . . .

Great Interview, Thanks Diana, very interesting questions, I appreciate all the advice you have offered...

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