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October 25, 2007


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Well... what about no follow on your site's own pages? Matt Cutts said to use them to restrict "link juice" to pages that aren't important such as privacy, contact us... etc. My problem was...originally, nofollow was used ...as you stated...for sites you don't trust, but now it's ok to use on your own pages?

Another good point Joe! One that I neglected to point out here too, so thanks!

Google seems like it's trying to "plug the leaky holes in the dam" with "nofollow" so to speak. At least that is how it's coming across to me.

Kind of like one of those cartoons where the character tries to plug the damn wall with is his fingers and toes, then finally runs out of appendages... and then the all the water bursts through and the dam wall breaks.

Yes Li what kills me is there's hidden or no disclosure. We banned/penalized you but we're not saying why.

"Follow the guildlines" but there's not enough in there to give a good understanding of their thinking.

It should be in the guidelines, however it is quite clear. Small businesses are able to pay for an advert as a sponsor. They will gain click through traffic however will not gain in the serps as there will be no link juice passed on.

Are they paying for the clickthrough as you say or are they paying for the link juice?

If it is merely clickthrough then there is no reason for you to not add no-follow and therefore preserve your own page rank.

I personally believe that they are actually paying the link juice hence the whole debate in the first place.

You will still be able to sell link but just need to be slightly cleverer about it, including them in the text of a page, but not the homepage.

The positive thing is that these links have just quadrupled in value.

What about your own recent posts or archives - do they hurt one to have them in the side bar? This is very confusing?

I never thought about the implications of nofollow so in depth before for advertisements. I wonder if any affiliate marketers would change their valuation of adds to include link juice.

Something like:

total ad value= A*Views+B*Clicks+C*Pagerank

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