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November 19, 2007


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I see so much good stuff explained clearly and in detail that have no comments... Good SEO stuff... But no comments. Yet, I also see so much of the same, the hot topic over and over with lots of the same comments.

I've gotten to the point where I might be more likely to read a post without comments then a post with dozens of comments...

One well written response can provide the encouragement for that writer to blog on! I always thought a comment has a vote of approval. Thus I avoid the voting sites. My votes are my comments and I like it that way.

Totally agree with what you say. I have had similar experiences. I even have to tell friends and people I like that their submission doesn't cut it. But hey, that's what friends are for.

But of course this is the Internet and we all know how many weirdos, nutters and complete loons are online. So we should always be diplomatic when refusing to vote, especially when it's someone we don't know.

I spend most of my time on social networks as it's my main business, but not everyone can afford such investment. Sometimes I am suspicious of peoples motivations who spend what seems is every waking hour with social networks and yet their business has nothing to do with it.

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