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November 07, 2007

Women Really are in Tech & Online Marketing

By Li Evans

Women_love_technology Over the past year, I have found myself in a very peculiar place.  I do not consider myself a feminist, I'm not the type to burn my bra at a protest, and I don't believe a woman is the best candidate in a political race, just because she's a woman.  With that said, I have found myself to be more of a passionate advocate to bring recognition to the great things women are doing in online marketing and in technology.

This morning I read an article by Jemima Kiss, entitled "The head of Times Online on tech women, and Google".  This morning my blood pressure raised a little when I realized that it was a women saying "People who get excited about technology are, on the whole, blokes."  Those wise words came from the editor of the Times Online, Anne Spackman.

Apparently this woman, hasn't even taken the time to surf the blogosphere lately.  I wonder if she's even gone to the Techmeme front page?  I wonder if she's ever heard of the BlogHer conference either? Although there is a dominance of male programmers over female, I don't think it's a fair assumption to say most women are not interested in technology.  Women may not be programmers, but there are a lot of other ways women are just as involved in technology and the internet just as much as men are.

From bloggers and technical writers to online marketers, from programmers to tech company evangelists, from website developers to graphic artists, regardless of what Spackman's assumptions are, women are in technology, women embrace technology and even some women are pushing technology to new frontiers.  Generalizations such as Spackman's show the total lack of knowledge of this particular industry, and that's pretty sad for someone who's editor of the Times Online.

Women are actively pushing the adoption of technology in companies, in schools and even in communities.  Some may have trouble figuring out how their Direct TV needs to hook up to their new Hi-Def TVs, but that doesn't mean we don't get excited about the new technology.  Technology is everywhere too.  Heck, refrigerators, ovens and even blenders are rather high tech today and a lot of women use those, too. 

Generalizations can be very dangerous and just plain wrong.  Sure there are a lot more men in technology than women, but that doesn't mean we don't exist.  If you don't believe me Ms. Spackman check out the Women in Internet Marketing series for starters, then move over to BlogHer's site, that should give you plenty to read to help you see we are here, and we are rather active in technology and love our gadgets just as much as the "blokes" do.


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Generalizations never are a good thing but unfortunately sometimes people need them in order to digest information.

As for the issue at hand, I believe that with time things will change and this won't even be an issue.

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