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December 13, 2007


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I agree on all points especially this inclusion:

"Most plans take time, effort and planning to make them successful."

If it doesn't take time - it ain't worth it!

Very good, Li. It's something that only the experienced can agree with...

Most of the Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaigns can not about be selling, it is about creating a buzz about the brands across all the social media platforms.

If we choose as an objective SMM will lead to selling, will surely take time.

Overall this is a great article, but I'll have to disagree with your view of interns doing social media. Agreed, interns do need some guidance, but they can do more with social media than many other seasoned professionals can. Take your example of Facebook, for instance; Facebook is an integral part of a college student's life. During my internship at GM I helped spearhead our Facebook initiatives simply because I was active and understood Facebook. I took what I learned about social media from my colleagues and applied it to Facebook. Don't dismiss the immense value of young interns in the world of social media.

I agree soical media is not something you turn on a switch and it works. The biggest misconception after a week is what am I doing wrong. When in reality nothing it just takes time.

Thanks for clearing some of the misconeptions up.

I like your attitude - to the point, honest and blunt. Maintiaining a blog is hard work, but it has it's rewards 'eventually'.

I came across your site reading some threads on other blogs that took the stance that social networking is not marketing. A viewpoint that that I disagree with. It has a completely opposite approach to traditional marketing, it is none the less marketing. Once the ettiquette is respected, it rewards with the same impact as tradional marketing.

Your thoughts?

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