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December 12, 2007


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» Daily SearchCast, Dec. 13, 2007: Congressman Asks For Google 101; Google Earth's New Vans In Space & More from Daily SearchCast - Search Engine News Via Podcast
It's ranty time, as yet another US congressman asks dumb questions about the Google-DoubleClick deal. Meanwhile, Facebook gets an ally against Google in the form of Bebo and what's with those Google satellite vans flying through space. Tune-in by list... [Read More]


You should have asked Jordan where she got her inspiration for "Linky Goodness." ;-)

It's great to see her interviewed here, she's a fantastic asset to Marketing Pilgrim.

Linky Goodness--it's the latest craze that's sweeping the nation!

One note, Li: I've actually been in the industry for just over two years.

Thanks so much for interviewing me! :D

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