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January 16, 2008


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Stumbled! Seriously feel the same, I stumble a fair bit on certain subjects but in so many cases BAD marketers are trying to get their traffic up!

As for the video, its not just google that should have slapped him ;o)

Well said, Li!

LOL - Stumbled of course.

Slow loading pages and sites that choke my computer are the No1 reason I don't use Stumbleupon more.

I have to agree. it will only get worse, I am afraid. The more times stumbleupon accept paid inclusion into their system, the more it will happen. I used to use it a lot when it first started, but it is getting to the point where I might as well do my own search. From the other end, as a blogger, I have found the traffic to be of little value in any case. It's too easy to hit the Stumble button and off they go.

Here, Here!!

#7) Loud obnoxious music!!

Hello. great post! Yet, now you've got me wondering, "How can I get stumbled?" Do you have advice or best practices for blogging?

Stumbled!But I was very Curious why you copy the URL to a text file?Why don't you just use delicious or other bookmarking sites?!

Hi Christopher!

Thanks for the comment and the question. To answer it - I do bookmark them, however when I'm wanting to create a Link Round up post and use the site in my collection, it's easier for me to copy and paste the url (w/ some text i want to use) in notepad and save it there.

I also do it this way because then when I copy and paste over - it doesn't have any formatting carrying over ..... where if i copied from the bookmarking sites I use, it would, and if I used word, Typepad and Word don't play nice together, it carries over the junk code from Word and then that breaks the SMG feed in Feedburner. Not fun at all!


THanks for posting this article..and I perfectly understand what you mean..^^..I myself also experienced those..^^

By the way, hope next time you can post a topic that talks about how to get my site stumbled..^^..

I couldn't agree more! I feel the same way!

What are your thoughts on people who stumble themselves?

Hi...I'm Peter from the video who you have publicly embarrassed.

Obviously my attempt at humor was lost on you.

Equally obvious is that you didn't really pay attention to what I'm trying to do--and it has nothing to do with making money from the viewers of the video (I'm NOT a StomperNet affiliate).

Also equally obvious is that you have no qualms about using foul and abusive language to attack people you don't know.

Every word on the video is true. I did achieve the success I claim. I do attribute it to the things I learned at StomperNet. I was just trying to give them an unsolicited testimonial in a humorous way.

By the way, the end of the video mentions my website which if you took the time to visit it you would have seen that it also has no attempt to make money from anyone. There aren't even any ads.

Since I assume by your mean-spirited prejudiced comments about me that you will not approve this comment, at least I hope you will temper your public humiliations of other people in the future. You should at least attempt to contact the person to find out if they are as bad as you assume they are. Not everyone is evil.

P.S. I don't recall ASKING you to Stumble my page. So I don't understand why you would attack me.

By the way, your sarcasm is duly noted but "Peter" is my real name. I'm married to Lisa. We have six children: Caitlyn, Candice, John, Chandler, Camille and little JoJo. Those are their real names too (except JoJo-that's a nickname).

Peter -

Well it took you a while, but I see you've found that not everyone agrees with you.

Your "humor" as you put it, really didn't come across all that well, and quite frankly, was really not there.

It's videos like these that make the Online Marketing industry look like Snake Oil Salesman. Plain and simple, and I call it like I see it. You may call it mean spirited - I call your video a pharse.

No, you did not ask me to stumble your video, it came up in my stumbling. That means someone else did, and that isn't the point of the post (obviously you missed that). I don't care if it's someone who asked me to stumble, or it's served up to me randomly - I call it how I see it.

I also notice, Peter, that you deleted all the negative comments that were on that video when I first came across it - there was at least 5 there, calling you out for this video. I also see that you've worked your network a little so that you're ratings went up from no stars to 4.

So, unlike you, I am willing to leave "negative" comments through .... and reply to them. Foul? Nawh, I hardly think the word "Dumbass" is foul, now if I had attached the "F" word to it, then you could have a valid point.

And isn't it interesting that there's 4 links to your video from this blog, a blog that has a decent value in the search engines..... too bad there's not a way to no-follow embedded videos. Better yet, I just might turn the video into a link, and nofollow that, since I really don't trust the "information" you give in there.

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