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January 10, 2008


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Your negative review doesn't surprise me too much. As went his actual presidential campaign, so he was online. And at least one other presidential ranking site lists "PR" as being his major weakness: http://fittobepres.com/index.php?action=fit_main

Thanks for the comment Johnny, I wish that it wasn't so negative. I always hope for "good" when coming into these reviews.

Its just kind of disappointing when candidates do "get" what the web can mean to their campaign and how they can use it as a tool.

To me, it's almost as if Richardson's site was a total after thought to his campaign efforts. More like, "ok everyone else has one, so I guess I should too. lets slap one up there."

Li, I've noticed a pattern reading back over these -- the well-funded candidates seem to do better than the marginal ones.

That shouldn't be surprising, I guess. This stuff is hardly mainstream. By 2012 though, I think even under-funded candidates will have staffs that understand they need to be buying Google Adwords.

I would have to agree in some respects. But a lot of these sites just need more "thinking" around them than egos. That's the heart of it.

It's amazing how many people search on republican runners and end up here at SMG. there's even more searching on republican or democrat candidate. No one's stopping to think about that. They just think its all about their name. :(

But thanks again Johnny - great convo about this! :)

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