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January 16, 2008


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I found it interesting that you rated the Edwards Internet Campaign so highly. Matthew Gross, who managed the '04 Howard Dean Internet Campaign is the man running the Edwards online efforts and a friend of mine.

And when the campaign is finally over he and I might have a beer together but he's working night and day until then.

PS. Please delete this second comment as I really don't want to spam your blog but since you're interested in online politics I thought you might enjoy http://www.yellowdog08.com It seems my dog has again decided she wants to be President and I don't have the heart to tell her no.

Hi Billy!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

I only rated Edwards high here, for promoting the debate. Both Obama's and his campaign teams did a good job at it (although I have to say Thompson's efforts in the S.C. outweigh them all). Compared to Hillary who's effort, quite honestly sucked and just reaked of 'spinning', these two let their own words speak for themselves.

I still have to review Edwards site - which I will be doing next, so keep your eyes out for it in the next day or so.

And you know I couldn't tell my dog no either. Cute blog ... maybe I should review it too. ;)


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