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January 11, 2008


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John McCain is our next Commander in Chief! 2008
When the British soldiers were shooting at us George Washington as a Commander in Chief was always on the Battle Front, on the line of fire, bullets were flying near his head, the sound of Cannons going off and dead soldiers all over the field.
A brave man George Washington was.

So John McCain will be our Commander in Chief in 2008 because in this Video he says how he will lead the troops.

Note From Li Evans, owner of SMG:
Link to video and remaining text has been edited out - as this comment really has nothing to do with the online marketing strategies of John McCain the Candidate.

OK Roger - let me put this to you this way, and I'm only letting your comment come through as an example of the type of comments not to leave here.

This isn't a blog for or against any candidate, so from here on out, please refrain from comments like this, they won't be posted - or they'll be severely edited.

This blog is just merely reviewing the online marketing strategies of the candidates. You comment, honestly doesn't contribute to that type of conversation, and thus i'm editing out the link in your comment

It's fascinating to see the general lack of social media the candidates have been using. They are afraid of losing control, I believe. This is going to evolve, and I can't wait to see how election-based social media changes over the next year.

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