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January 04, 2008


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I was looking at Fox News this morning... well, that little news stream at the bottom read "Despite his 5th place in the voting, Ron Paul vows to continue campaign into New Hampshire..." Wow, a loaded term: "despite". All this "despite" his running over Guiliani and his very close numbers to both Thompson and McCain in a race in which FOX had predicted him as getting 2% takes hutzpah. FOX, compelled to mention Paul, managed to put a nasty spin on the news. Fair and balanced as a guillotine.

Just a note, this review is just of his online marketing efforts.

However, I do have to point out, when I watched Fox, both Greta and Shep said he was 4th place in Iowa, and beat Guiliani, and that he's credible. Then they also went on to question why he wasn't in this debate, even saying they could be stepping on treacherous ground. Thought it was kind of brave of the two of them to venture out on that limb and publicly question the network they work for.

LOL I wonder how quickly your blog will outrank Paul's site for important terms. ;)

I would like to know if any candidates of the past were elected president and had the same beliefs as Ron Paul. If so I would like to compare that then president to the time and circumstances surrounding his election and what effect it might have if we elected someone like Ron Paul in our day and time. Would it work?

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