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January 24, 2008


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A few have eluded to the fact that it may be for the shock value. I am not sure if I'd use that angle if I were trying to get people to pay to come to the conference. although it does seem to make for good pre-conference press, hence this article.

Matt Bailey has it right...

I would agree with Matt if JC was actually attempting to engage the audience, or provoke a discussion on salient points, instead he just walks in and makes sure to offend his audience with "SEO is bullsh!t", "Local is a sh!tty business", and several variations of "F@ck, F@ck, F@ckity, F@ck", which to me is just his blatant attempt to continue to be this controversial personality.

Bill has the right idea, as a community we should be able to come up with a list of people that we, and the general audience of SES would like to hear speak, and would benefit more from hearing.

You know I could agree with Matt if it was the first and only time JC has said stuff that was "OMG Kick in the Pants" type stuff. But its not, and as one person said to me:

"Why Would I Pay 3k to go to a conference to hear someone yell at me and drop the F bomb all the time? If I wanted that I'd got to a George Carlin 'concert' and pay a lot less and laugh a lot more!"

The first time, it was a wake up call..... now, I think it's just lame. I think SES could do a heck of a lot better than to keep bringing the same guy who's just going to say the same nonsense again and again. If you're going to bring back someone who has an issue with SEO again - at least bring Seth Godin back - he had better hair and was a lot more entertaining.

JC is one of the most forward thinking people in the business. He understands that all the effort in the world you put into your SEO techniques won't amount to anything if you don't have the right contacts around you push your messaging forward.

I've been a huge fan of JC's for years now and if I missed him the first two times around, I'll make sure not to miss him this time.

"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!"

I hate to use an old cliche, but the fact of the matter is that he brings many in our industry together, at least to fend against his attacks. Don't get me wrong, I don't think that Jason has a clue about real SEO, but he gives us insight into what others think of the industry and the craft. I agree with Bill that there are other marketing channels that could/should be explored, but that doesn't mean that there is nothing that can be learned from this experience!

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