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January 07, 2008


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Li, I like your analysis. At least you took the time to test a bit wikia search before completely burring it under negative comments. I would just like to point out that wikia search is not a search engine just yet. It is still a project to create a search engine, based on collective user input, pretty much as Wikipedia was created (to offer a platform where each individual can edit and submit information about anything known to man). Wikia search will be a collaborative effort. I wouldn't call it a Google killer, - it will not lead to the same type of search engine anyway. But I think it has potential.

Thanks for stopping by Mihaela :)

Just have to say I was extremely disappointed with it since there was so much hype about it for almost a year.

Out of the gate you really need a lot more these days that what Wikia Search has right now. Hopefully you'll take some of what I wrote to heart and incorporate it. It would be nice to see someone give Google a run for its money, unfortunately right now Wikia Search just isn't it.

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