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February 19, 2008

SES London 08: Frederick Marckini Opening Keynote

By Li Evans

Dsc_3153 Fred Marckini is the chief search officer of Isobar he's traveled the world.  Erica Schmidt is his partner in crime.

When you stop doing paid search and optimization nothing happens.  Frederick shows the old Reebok commercials.  Then shows the effect that YouTube has.

YouTube - 200 million clips watched daily - 31 million users in the EU.  10 billion online videos watched in December.

Search Marketing Trends and Best Practices for 2008
Where is the money going in EU & Search.  Even split of SEO/PPC in the US.  In Europe 75% is PPC.  In Europe they did a test, 72% of the people clicked the natural results.  "It's kind of like kissing but only  using your bottom lip".

Frederick shows an example - "Yankee Candle"  asks how would people search for a candle.  Shows how people people really search for their products.  He then shows a few more examples of how companies brand with their language but how people are really searching for products.

Fundamentals are still important.  He shows an example of an optimized page.  Then shows baseline figures, and then the companies figures out  250,000,000 pounds tied to SEO, but only paid 17,500.  SEO isn't dead, its just changing.

Shows another example of a competitor took advantage of a TV advertisers.  The competitor did search optimization.  They basically "stole" the clients.  They had to stop because they had too much business.  They did a study with Jupiter - 40% of people who see offline advertising and go online with it purchase.

Take your PPC campaigns global where your competitors are not.
Invisible tabs - use meta searches.  Basically universal search, showing how maps, news, local results are all pre-empting regular search results.  Position #1 are the "Holy Grail" position 2-3 aren't bad.  If you can move your position to the front page you can increase your traffic by 4x's.  But now, what is #1 with universal search.  Not every query has universal search.

Image the possibility of owning more of the "real estate". 
Shows an example.  Skeptical Bob - shampoo customers.  Highly saturated market for product keywords.  Nobody looks at you and says "hey nice shampoo".  They say "hair styles".  They looked at their videos the client had.  They optimized and uploaded the videos to YouTube.  The video #2 in Google, 70% organic page real estate, over 400,000 streams. 

Search is now Search Leveraged public relations.

1 million people read/subscribe to NY Times.  Google's News Tab has 10.3 million searches a month, 6.6 in the UK.  Yahoo news tab 33.7 million searches a month, 6.6. million in the UK.  98% go online daily, 92% for article research, 72% search for press release.  Simple - you need to optimize your press release for keywords (after doing research).  Google news has less competition.    Entire opportunity last 30 days in Google news.  Then it can move over regular search.  Public relations press releases are now expressed in search results.

Greg Jarboe is the pioneer in optimizing the press release, he also looks like Socrates.

Longtail is powerful, optimizing for is essential.  Shows how products are suggested.  This is powerful.  When you leverage your business' longtail content overtime you will benefit from the multiplier effect of recommendation engines and collaborative filter.  A collaborative filter is the beginning of social search.

Algorithmic relevancy has hit a wall, but will vertical search they can get better.  Amazon is a book search engine, WebMD is a medical search engine.  In the future marketers will have to not only research how people search, but where they search.  Social Media are affecting this.

Myspace, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Yahoo Answer, Yelp, Furl, Angie's List, Reddit..... and he keeps going.  Every search engine has put a stake in Social Media - Yahoo has delicious, flickr, etc.  The big sites who get is, integrate this into their sites.  Major brands are being encourage to join the conversation.

Sense of compressed time.  We crave safety and security.   We are faced with they tyranny of overwhelming choice.  Because of the growing influence of communities, brands need to participate in the community.  The brands who win, will be the customers who tell the best stories about them.  Your customers are already talking and telling stories about you and your brand.  They share these stories.

Strategy suggestion - invite your customers to photograph your product or brand.  Invite them to share.  Sheraton is using this and it is blowing out their numbers for bookings on the hotels that are participating in the sharing.

Separation. We are moving to a self service on demand society. Decoupling of content of from place.  Decoupling from platform.  The medium just doesn't matter anymore.  80% of all content will be digital by 2010.  If all content is digital, all content is searchable.  Everyone will be a searcher from anywhere.

In the new marketing world a small investment it can grow exponentially.

New marketing model.  Awareness engagement purchase   - future of marketing is search centric.


  • Frederick is younger than Mike,
  • optimize your press release,
  • connect your offline advertising to search
  • go global to increase efficiency,
  • experiment with optimizing your content of social media
  • recognize and plan for the future,
  • SEO is the heart of rock and roll.


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