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February 24, 2008


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"Some of the big article sites like PRWeb have had their ability to pass page rank stripped..."

Really? That's news to us here at PRWeb and misinformation to the audience. PRWeb continues to be treated by Google as always and rightly so.

Hi Joe, thanks for stopping by SMG, reading this post and commenting on it.

For the record, we (Paul & I in this case) are reporting on what was presented in the session. We do not tell the speakers what to present. We also do not edit or change their words, nor inject our own opinions into what's written when it comes to live blogging the conference.

If you have a certain issue with what was written in the live blogging of a session, something that you believe is mis-information, please take it up with the speaker who said what you believe is wrong.
Taking that action would be a much better alternative, as they are presenting at a conference - basically it's better to got to the source. Unfortunately, unless the speaker follows up this recap continually for comments, the speaker will say the same information again.

Thanks again,

I completely understand and have reached out to the speaker. My comment here was to provide clarity at a location where the misinformation was being repeated.

I think your audience would appreciate that.

I have checked my notes from the session and I stand by the post as it is. During an in session coverage blog its hard to filter out that which may be controversial.

I do however appreciate that you may wish to clarify the position and I hope this provides an opportunity for you.

Please realize this was never a challenge to your reporting or note taking. I'm sorry to have left you with that impression.

It is great you have provided me with the opportunity to provide clarity both here and with the speaker.

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